James Larkin: Irish Labor Organizer

James Larkin was born into poverty in Liverpool in 1876. He would go from the slums of Liverpool to become one of the most complex heroes of the Irish labor movement.

After beginning his career as a dockworker in Liverpool, he joined the National Union of Dock Labourers in 1905. He would go on to become a full-time union organizer, although his striking methods would be controversial with NUDL leadership. He was transferred to Dublin in 1907.

In Ireland, he founded the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union (ITGWU). The goal of the ITGWU was to create one union for all workers in Ireland. The ITGWU would prove to be enormously popular and lead to the forming of the Irish Labour Party. Learn more about Jim Larkin: http://spartacus-educational.com/IRElarkin.htm and http://www.irishexaminer.com/lifestyle/artsfilmtv/books/the-definitive-biography-of-big-jim-larkin-372254.html

He became one of the central figures in the Dublin Lockout of 1913, a major strike action involving over 100,000 workers striking for over 8 months. However, the Lockout would eventually end in defeat for the labor movement. At the outbreak of World War I, Larkin organized anti-war demonstration.

In 1914, fresh off the defeat of the Lockout, he left for America. There he toured the lecture circuit and raised funds for the Irish fight against the British. He was arrested in 1919 during a period of anti-communist sentiment in the US and was convicted of criminal anarchy and communism.

Three years later, he was pardoned and deported back to Ireland. There he continued to work in the labor movement, founding Workers’ Union of Ireland and working with that organization until his death in 1947.

Mike Baur And Max Meister Welcome A New Member To The SSUF Marketing Team

Mike Baur has been doing some tremendous work at the Swiss Startup Factory, a name the company was given because it’s been producing some of Switzerland’s biggest new tech and financial companies. It’s known as an accelerator because it takes business ideas and brings them into execution phase within a short amount of time, and the incubator company has done well thanks to the support and partnerships that Baur has been able to bring to it. He and CEO Max Meister were pleased to welcome Antonio Gasser to the team just a few weeks ago. Gasser is now the Chief Marketing Officer at SSUF and is responsible for the incubator’s branding and marketing strategies, and will be helping to reach out to more partnering companies. Gasser’s experience has included leading Red Bull Media and was also in customer relations at Swatch.


Mike Baur got the idea for the SSUF a few years ago when he realized he needed a change from banking. He had been in banking since 1991 when he became an intern at UBS Bank. Baur had been told at the time that if he followed a plan and earned promotions at each stage of his career that he could expect to make a lot of money and have his retirement all planned out. He accomplished a lot in his 20 years of banking, but things happened that changed his plans to stay in banking forever. The main development was the change that the recession of 2008 brought to banking, and in the years following that Baur found that he no longer felt the way about his job that he had before. So in 2014 after realizing he could do more than just crunch numbers, Baur retired from banking.


The motivating factor that Mike Baur had for starting the SSUF was seeing what was happening at universities around Switzerland with many graduates looking to create new businesses that were different than traditional brick and mortar corporations. He believed a lot of great returns were to be found in these businesses for investors, so he created a network at the SSUF that gave access to capital for entrepreneurs, and a chance for investors to earn money when the businesses succeeded. The SSUF uses a training and mentoring program that lasts three months, and startups that last through that program can then gain access to funds and even have office space leased out for them to work out of.


Pushing the Front-Line Review with NewsWatch TV

American Smartphone manufacturer Saygus couldn’t be happier with the results. NewsWatch TV’s multimedia campaign helped push the company well over it’s marketing goal, with a total of over $1.3 Million dollars raised in the multimedia effort. Saygus Vice President Tim Rush praised the NewsWatch team’s professionalism and attentiveness to the needs of both the manufacturer and the audience, helping the two find just the right connection with its great reviews.


NewsWatch TV traveled to Barcelona to film segments at the Mobile World Congress to promote Saygus’s new Smartphone and its indiegogo campaign. NewsWatch produced reviews for both National TV and Online campaigns. The result was an excess of $300,000 over Saygus’s original marketing goal. Tim Rush voiced confidence that the reviews would help drive sales for the new product.


This is just one of the happy endings forNewsWatch TV, an award-winning 30 minute Television show that airs in over than 200 U.S. markets. Based out of Washington, DC, NewsWatch has aired over 1000 episodes since its start in 1989. The show can usually be seen on Mondays at 7 a.m. on the AMC Network. It also airs on all ION Network affiliates.


Hundreds of celebrities and well-known companies have been spotlighted by NewsWatch TV in just the last year alone. Reviews not only on new product releases, but also in the areas of health, medical breakthroughs, consumer and business issues, fashion, travel, tourism, consumer electronics, and public service announcements are part of this popular news and media company’s offerings. NewsWatch TV produces satellite media tours, broadcast media, and video news releases as well as stories for entertainment and national television.


For all the latest breaking news around the country as well as reviews in technology and consumer interest, Visit theNewsWatch TV website. The website has features for every interest using the most informative sources. This is a great site to add to your electronic daily news ritual.


The Academy of Art University’s New York Fashion Show

The beauty of having a runway show in New York City is revealing your work to an international and savvy audience. The School of Fashion at the Academy of Art University held its 21st runway show at Skylight Clarkson Square on September 9th, 2017. Hours of classes, preparation, and designing culminated in a 15-minute runway show. Ten BFA and MFA graduates showcased their selected work. Here is a look at what some of the designers offered:


Ryan Yu presented beautiful stark black and white designs, inspired by light. Yu used patent leather, wool, and jersey to create his futuristic pieces. In contrast, Joanna Jadallah showed sweaters in historically rich, earthy tones. Lambskin leather and cashmere knits reflected her ancestors’ flight from Palestine.


Jelly Shan described her collection as “girly, edgy, and fresh.” The feminine and edgy dress evoked China’s history and architectural style with its layered tassels. Dina Marie Lam offered comfort in her selection of fabrics. She paired soft, embroidered flowers on a dress with the sleek, minimal lines of a top coat. Fresh creativity came from Hallun Zhou’s outerwear, who made her pieces by fusing vinyl, PVC, and a variety of fabrics.


There were additional eye-catching designs. Carlos Rodriguez fused the East and West with his embroidered Kimono-style dress; Saya Shen integrated nature into her design, capturing the colors and feel of the ocean with bubbly, warm layers; and San Francisco designer Eden Slezin went for a more casual style with loose, dark blue garments made from vintage denim.


The Academy of Art University is based in San Francisco, California. Started in 1929, the Academy is a private institution with a focus on art and design. The Academy is the largest private art university in the United States.


Some of the subjects offered at the Academy of Art University are fashion/apparel design, animation, illustration, interior architecture and design, cinematography, and photography. Degrees offered are associates, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees. Students may choose to live on campus, off campus, or take courses online.


Graduates from the Academy of Art University have included a Pulitzer prize winning photographer, an Olympic sprinter, and an Academy Award winner for best makeup and styling.


How To Find A Brazilian Butt Lift Surgeon In Dallas, Texas

The Brazilian butt lift is a personal and complex process. It is important to find the right plastic surgeon with experience and expertise. The Frisco Plastic Surgery & MedSpa staff will listen to your concerns and educate you on the entire Brazilian butt lift procedure. There are several factors you want to consider before choosing your surgeon including:


* Asking your family and friends who have had the Brazilian butt lift procedure for referrals. Your own general medical practitioner may possible have a recommendation as well.

* Search review websites for ratings and reviews from previous patients. Pay attention to the ones with negative reviews and a low star rating. Patient testimonials are important and can give you a better understanding about what to expect from your procedure.


The Premier Plastic Surgery Center in Dallas, Texas will set up a free consultation to discuss your procedure. There are questions you should ask your surgeon regarding the Brazilian butt lift such as:


* Are you board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery?

* Are you a member of a professional organization or continuing education program?

* What types of Brazilian butt lift surgeries do you specialize in?

* How often do you perform Brazilian butt lift procedures?

* How much will the Brazilian butt lift surgery cost me?

* What are the risks of the Brazilian butt lift surgery?

* Do you offer any financing options?

The staff at North Texas Plastic Surgery can show you before and after photos of their previous patients. During your consultation, you will also discuss follow-up care and the recovery process. You most likely will need additional follow-up appointments to ensure you’re healing properly.


Malcolm CasSelle’s WAX Technology Will Ignite Crytocurrency in the Gaming Industry

A new platform for virtual asset trading has emerged on the market thanks to Worldwide Asset exChange (WAX) and its President, Malcolm CasSelle. The current system for virtual asset trading relies upon regional marketplaces that are limited by language, security concerns and payment processing procedures. The WAX blockchain methodology offers a viable solution to this dilemma.


The WAX proprietary technology utilizes a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) consensus algorithm, creating the most dencentralized, flexible and efficient methodology on the market today. Another strength of the WAX methodology addresses security concerns. In centralized marketplaces, receipt of incomplete assets or delivery issues on the part of the seller have been stumbling blocks. Many intermediaries are necessary to prevent fraud, which drives up the overall costs involved in the transactions. The WAX blockchain smart contracts can eliminate the majority of transactional intermediaries and ensure that buyers and sellers can operate with the highest level of confidence that the proper goods are delivered.


The mind behind this revolutionary concept is Malcolm CasSelle. Mr. CasSelle, President of WAX, is especially excited about the implications for the gaming industry, stating: “The gaming industry will ignite the world of cryptocurrency to the mainstream.” Mr. CasSelle is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and holds a graduate degree in Computer Science from Stanford University.


In addition to his technical background, Mr. CasSelle has a global perspective on life and business, speaking not only English, but also Mandarin and Japanese. In 1995 Mr. CasSelle was the Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of NetNoir, which was a trail blazer in web-based media production focusing on Afrocentric culture. Mr. CasSelle was Senior Vice President from 1998 – 2002 at Pacific Century Cyberworks (PCCW), a publicly traded, Hong Kong based telco service provider.


From 2006 – 2013 Mr. CasSelle was Director of Hong Kong based Capital Union Investments. He also served as a top executive in the joint venture of Groupon and the Chinese gaming and instant messaging giant Tencent. Mr. CasSelle has acted as CIO for OPSkins and as President of WAX since 2017.


Multi-Variate Testing Helps Developers to Optimize the Website for Better Performance and Profits

Building a website today is vastly different from the early website designs of yesterday. Because web developers have a lot more information and rules to contend with, these new designs must be created very strategically if they are going to be successful in the business once implemented live to the public. Also, even though there is so much information available online to sift through today, it is still important for site owners to get the information that is actually needed. Therefore, when the developer finds the most effective and beneficial upcoming trends in the industry, they can benefit greatly in a number of different ways including finding software to accommodate these needs. One of the most essential, however, is making sure the developer has an effective testing plan that will not only save time but also money in getting the best results possible. This is one of the top reasons why many developers are utilizing multi-variate testing to deploy and manage their websites. In fact, here are 2 great benefits of using multi-variate testing on a website.

Allows Site Owners to Test Out Innovative Ideas

Because of the stiff competition in many industries today, deploying the standard website may not give the business the edge that they need to compete in the present marketplace. Therefore, the business owner and their representatives must find ways to develop a website that will be easy to use, customer-centric and profitable too. In order to accomplish the goals and objectives that an organization has, they may need additional tools that can assist them with deploying the best possible design. This is also where multi-variate testing is becoming very beneficial, especially because it gives the developers the capability to test out new ideas on the site by using different variations in the testing design and script.

Helps to Optimize a Website


If a business is going to make money by deploying a website that markets their business, it is important that the site is optimized. In order to make sure a site is optimized correctly, it is essential that the developer is working with accurate information that has been collected, stored and analyzed. With this information, the site can be designed based on the customer’s behavior and their preferences. A big part of the information gathered and collected involves stats that can be used to determine how to best increase conversion rates, sales, and profits. These tasks can be accomplished by using multi-variate testing to flush out areas where the site lacks in useful content, more opportunities for customization and the like.

Learn more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sentient_Technologies

Enhancing Dentistry World with MB2 Dental

Chris Steven Villanueva has been an active specialist for quite some time and even founded MB2 Dental. He established a facility whose aim is to help doctors so that dentists can have a chance to provide the best dental care for their patients. He has been working as a mentor, associate dentist, Dental Director and he is now the CEO of the largest Dental Support Organization. He has a huge experience in the field of dentistry which gives him understanding on how to maintain and offer quality services to their patients. He is very passionate about ensuring that dental profession maintains its honesty. Dr. Villanueva has been a mentor to many graduates who just finished their dental school and are willing to start practicing.

It is clear that working together as a group of practitioners can help improve dental industry. This will give dentists a chance to help each other and offer the best services to their patients. MB2 Dental was established on the same principle and has been working towards improving as well as enhancing dental management. Patients are therefore able to receive the best dental services from the practitioners all the time.

Services Offered by MB2 Dental

All the employees and management at MB2 Dental are always committed to helping other organization provide the best services to their patients. They have partnered with many organizations offering dental care to provide them with services that are crucial for their practice as well as to maintain their clinical autonomy.Most organizations only focus on how they will improve their profit margin. MB2 Dental was established to bring a new face to the world of dental care. They are in a position to fulfill all the needs of their clients since they have the right technology to handle them. They not only focus on personal growth, but autonomy and having a great time together.

About MB2 Dental

Established by Dr. Villanueva, MB2 Dental ensures patients receive quality services and to also improve dental fields. All the practitioners understand how important it is to ensure patients receive the best care and are satisfied by their services. They have come up with the best team of specialists to ensure tasks that are a burden, time consuming as well as confusing for dentists are handled. This gives dentists a chance to fully concentrate on patient care and dentistry to ensure all their patients receive quality services.

U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos: A Quiet Powerhouse

U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has something of a polite demeanor when she is in pubic. She definitely is a team player when it comes to being a member of the Cabinet of President Donald Trump. With that said, DeVos is a tenacious and skilled politician behind the scenes.

DeVos is willing to take a strong position regarding issues in discussions with the President and other members of the Administration behind the scenes. In other words, she is willing to advocate mightily for her position when it comes to a particular issue. However, when the President makes a final decision, even if it differs from the stance for which she advocated, DeVos backs the President 100 percent.

An example of the efforts of DeVos behind the scenes is illustrated by the President’s decision to change Obama-era policy in regard to bathrooms in public schools. The Obama Administration had a policy in which students could utilize a bathroom based on the gender with which they identified. Trump elected to reverse this determination.

Behind the scenes, DeVos resisted this change. She quietly worked to keep the existing policy in place. She called a meeting with a representative of gay and transgender employees in the Department of Education. She wanted to give her employees a heads up of what was coming down the pike, and to advise of what had been her personal position regarding the change.

Once the President made his announcement, she stood by Trump. It was impossible to discern that there had been any disagreement between the two regarding this issue. In fact, DeVos spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference shortly after the policy change. During the speech, she referenced the Obama bathroom policy as an example of federal overreach, again despite her personal concerns about Trump’s decision to change policy in this regard.

In coming to the nation’s capital, DeVos frequently has been underrated. Indeed, she had a difficult time winning confirmation as Secretary of Education in the first instance. She won approval only when the Vice President, as President of the Senate, stepped in and voted to break a tie vote.

This idea that DeVos is not recognized for her skills is foreign to people back home in her home state of Michigan. In Michigan, DeVos was heavily involved in politics, including in regard to issues about education. She is a leading proponent of choice when it comes to education.

DeVos served as the Chairperson of the Michigan Republican Party. Her husband ran for Governor. She has been heavily involved in philanthropic efforts for use, devoting both her time and money. DeVos herself was raised in a family of means. Her husband, Dick, is the son of the founder of AmWay.

Her position as U.S. Secretary of Education was not her first foray into the nation’s capital. DeVos served on the board of directors of the Kennedy Center, having been appointed by President George W. Bush. While at the Kennedy Center, she started and funded an education program associated with that institution. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/betsy.p.devos/

Tony Petrello: Funding Relief And Research

Hurricane Harvey was a natural disaster that was difficult to ignore. The storm crippled one of America’s larger cities, Houston Texas. The rain dumped by the storm causes exponential flooding and left millions of people wondering what they could possibly do next. This horrible disaster required the community to pull together and many people reached out in whatever way they could to help those impacted. Nabors Industries was one of many companies in the area who showed that they are not just interested in what profit they can pull from the area, but also in its wellbeing. About 10% of its employees were impacted by the storm and the rest were ready to do their part to help their neighbors get back on their feet.

The earliest portion of the relief effort by Nabors Industries was lead by their employees. Individuals took it upon themselves to take time off from work to volunteer to put the community back on its feet. According to bizjournals.com Nabors industries were moved by this beautiful effort of their employees and wanted to do their part as well. So they began by offering to pay employees for the time they took off to volunteer. However, they did not believe this was enough so they also put their company kitchen to work cooking three meals a day for local families. Additionally, employees raised over $176,000 to go towards relief efforts that Nabors Industries’s CEO Tony Petrello matched. This is far from their first widespread philanthropic effort, however, in addition to many other charitable efforts the company also has its own charitable foundation. This foundation, Nabors Charitable Foundation has distributed about 3 million dollars to Nabors Industries Employees and their children in educational scholarships.

Read more: Tony Petrello: One of the Highest Paid CEO in the Nation

The philanthropic spirit powers Nabors Industries giving it purpose beyond profit. No small part of the generous philosophy is due to their choice as CEO. Tony Petrello is that CEO and an active member of the philanthropic community. Although he was born in New Jersey he has come to make Houston Texas his home. Houston is also the focus of many of his charitable donations. One of the largest donations Petrello has made was to the Texas Children’s Hospital. His donation of $7 Million to the hospital went to funding research efforts. More specifically, this large donation ensured the hospital was able to build the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute. This new facility focuses on seeking out the cure for many childhood disorders.

See: https://thereisnoconsensus.com/mathematics-law-business-charity-unique-american-dream-tony-petrello/