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Patent Disputes

Securus Technologies is a Dallas-based technology firm. They have been in business for three decades, and they recently release a video monitoring system. This system is used in corrections facilities to allow prisoners and their families to communicate through the use of a computer and an internet connection.


The technology industry is a highly competitive industry. Recently, a competitor of Securus Technologies put out a press release making several claims against the technology firm. Two days later, Securus Technologies put out their own press release to correct and state their position on many of the claims that were made from Global Tel Link, or GTL.


Many of the claims made by GTL had to do with patents relating to the video monitoring system. The patents say who can use the technology and for what purpose.


Other claims made by GTL have to do with who can use the video monitoring system. Corrections official and law enforcement use this technology to gather information about crimes and wrongdoings that may be going on. The results of this dispute are also in the hands of the court to decide.


Patent disputes and taking these matters to a court of law is something that does happen within the technology industry. The details of a patent can be complicated and having a court decide will settle matters once and for all. GTL took to a press release to state their side and Securus Technologies did the same to refute their claims. Only time will tell how these disputes will end up, but Securus Technologies wanted to set the record straight.


Bolstering Relations

Adam Milstein is noted for his affiliation with charitable and philanthropic services. His services mainly consist of organizations that strengthen the U.S- Israel relationship. One way of accomplishing this is through his organization, the Adam and Gila Milstein family.

They consist of consulting, partnership development, and fundraising.

Early Life

During the Yom Kippur war, Adam served in the Israel Defensive Forces since he was born there. He eventually graduated from the Technion in 1978 and came to the U.S in 1981, where we earned an MBA from USC. His career began with a commercial Real Estate Agency in Southern California and Hager Pacific Properties. The latter company is a private firm specializes in commercial and industrial real estate through the United States.

Additional Affiliations

Life Path Impact- Milstein nurtures an emerging adulthood population by funding and guiding different philanthropic organizations throughout their life.

Philanthropic Synergy- Creates independent, partnerships with non-profit communities to assist in different activities.

Feedback from Milstein

According to Crunchbase, in a recent interview that took place at the Israeli-American 2016 conference, Adam Milstein strongly emphasized the significance of strengthening the Jewish-American community and their relationship to Israel. Adam viewed the relationships between the two communities as synonymous, fighting for similar causes. This includes strong opposition for Anti-semitism and the willingness to promote leadership between Jewish and Americans

Overall, Milstein promotes the effort to maintain friendly relations from both sides and allow the free flow of individuals. In other words, they should be encouraged to follow their own path or choose to follow Allah.

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The Benefit Of The New Mobile Application By The David Osio Estate Group, Davos CAP Calculator, To Property Investors

In an official statement publicized by The David Osio Estate Group, the firm announced the release of the new mobile application, “Davos CAP Calculator.” The mobile application approximates the return in sales of the real estate assets that a customer wishes to invest in. The firm developed the new platform using modern and updated technology for both the iPhone and Android devices. The application allows a customer to peruse property featured and forward the assets of interest to an agent of the Davos Group for an interactive chat on further consultancy.


David Osio commented on the application’s original intent and stated that Davos REG aims to develop a mobile application that gives a client detailed guidance during their search of investment property. According to the CEO, the platform will play a vital role in investment in the real estate industry of the United States. Gerad Gonzalez added that Davos CAP Calculator allows investors to have financial oversight of their investment by estimating the rent value of the property in agreement with the projected income. Gerad stated that the firm is currently developing further innovative solutions that will provide their clients with more satisfactory solutions. Gerad Gonzalez worked with Tecknolution for six months during the development process of the application to design the appearance and functionality of the tool.


The Davos CAP calculator will feature a mortgage calculator that approximates the mortgage value of properties selected by Davos’ clients. The calculation will include factors such as the bank’s projections, associated interest rate and funding duration of the lease. In addition to the launch of the application, the Davos Real Estate Group has created new meaningful relationships with real estate agents globally. They have recruited new partners from Spain and other European regions.


Davos Real Estate Group is a stand-alone affiliate firm of the Davos Financial Group. The Davos Financial Group is a global financial firm with a high profile in the Latin America market. The Davos Financial Group began providing economic advisory after its establishment by David Osio in 1993. David Osio has led the company to open affiliate businesses in Panama, Geneva, Miami, New York and Europe. David began his career in 1981 after graduating from the Catholic University of Venezuela. He worked for OPED enterprise as the CEO and joined Caracas law firm in 1984. David managed the law firm’s corporate clients and earned a promotion as the company’s vice president. In 1993, David branched out and launched DFG. DFG has received several awards such as the Medal of Honor from the US Congress.


Lovaganza On Vimeo And The Images They Conjure

There are quite a few people who are looking to Lovaganza for a better experience with world culture. Everyone who wishes to partake in the beauty of the festival will feel a sense of wonder and majesty that is only found in the festival, its films and its performances. This article explains how everyone may take part in the arts experience of the Lovaganza festival, and those who believe they may learn from world culture will enjoy Lovaganza.

#1: The Films

The films at Lovaganza are there to ensure a prime experience on for every person who attends, and the films help people feel as though they are trekking across the world with the staff to find culture, art and beauty. There is a sweeping theme in the films that makes people feel as though they are on a grand tour, and they will love the films as they watch them online or at the festival.

#2: Check Their Vimeo Page

Lovaganza has a lovely Vimeo page everyone may visit for a journey through the passion and furor of the cultures that come together. The big top of the festival is quite a lot of fun, and it is lovely to see how the festival on Wikidot has made new films for every step of their journey. The festival wants to see their guests turn up for the event, stand under the grand chapiteau and enjoy what has been represented in the films.

Those who come out to the festival will have a fine idea of what they will see, and those who are in attendance may watch the videos again to get the feeling of the festival back in their bones.

#3: Why Are There So Many Cultures Represented?

The world cultural festival of Lovaganza is a place where families and children come together to see something that they have never found alone. It is a lovely place where the circus tents stand, they create a beautiful image that is quite difficult to find any other way.

The founders of Lovaganza are committed to the idea that all world cultures are important, and they will continue to post videos to their Vimeo page.

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