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Brian Torchin Changes Staffing Practices for Doctors

Brian Torchin is one of the leading names in physical health and chiropractic healing. With a bachelor degree in exercise related science, Brian first began his career as a chiropractor.

According to The Valanx, with excessive knowledge in sports medicine, Brian Torchin set out to bridge the gap between the medical industry and patients. He launched an innovative company that is quickly growing into a database of education, medical professionals and job opportunities for physicians.

He is the founder and president of HCRC (Healthcare Recruitment Counselors). The Philadelphia based company is now one of the largest staffing companies in the nation, dealing solely with the medical field. The online community of doctors, dentist and other specialist have worked with urgent care clinics, hospitals, private practices and dental offices.

As President of HCRC, Brian Torchin uses advanced qualification techniques to connect doctors with hiring positions. Brian and HCRC also negotiate employment contracts, scheduling interviews and combing through the current job market.

HCRC manages offices in Pennsylvania, Deleware and even Florida. The company works in all 50 states in the nation.

Brian is slowly changing the connection between employers and medical professionals. He has helped propel HCRC into the mega company it is today. Understanding the public, prior knowledge in medicine, accessing the job market and valuing the hard work of doctors has led to an unparalleled amount of success.