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Mike Baur And Max Meister Welcome A New Member To The SSUF Marketing Team

Mike Baur has been doing some tremendous work at the Swiss Startup Factory, a name the company was given because it’s been producing some of Switzerland’s biggest new tech and financial companies. It’s known as an accelerator because it takes business ideas and brings them into execution phase within a short amount of time, and the incubator company has done well thanks to the support and partnerships that Baur has been able to bring to it. He and CEO Max Meister were pleased to welcome Antonio Gasser to the team just a few weeks ago. Gasser is now the Chief Marketing Officer at SSUF and is responsible for the incubator’s branding and marketing strategies, and will be helping to reach out to more partnering companies. Gasser’s experience has included leading Red Bull Media and was also in customer relations at Swatch.


Mike Baur got the idea for the SSUF a few years ago when he realized he needed a change from banking. He had been in banking since 1991 when he became an intern at UBS Bank. Baur had been told at the time that if he followed a plan and earned promotions at each stage of his career that he could expect to make a lot of money and have his retirement all planned out. He accomplished a lot in his 20 years of banking, but things happened that changed his plans to stay in banking forever. The main development was the change that the recession of 2008 brought to banking, and in the years following that Baur found that he no longer felt the way about his job that he had before. So in 2014 after realizing he could do more than just crunch numbers, Baur retired from banking.


The motivating factor that Mike Baur had for starting the SSUF was seeing what was happening at universities around Switzerland with many graduates looking to create new businesses that were different than traditional brick and mortar corporations. He believed a lot of great returns were to be found in these businesses for investors, so he created a network at the SSUF that gave access to capital for entrepreneurs, and a chance for investors to earn money when the businesses succeeded. The SSUF uses a training and mentoring program that lasts three months, and startups that last through that program can then gain access to funds and even have office space leased out for them to work out of.


Manaira Shopping Mall is the Greatest Achievement in Roberto Santiago’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Entrepreneurship is not easy. However, while every business person will describe entrepreneurship as a difficult process, they will also admit that it is quite rewarding. One of the entrepreneurs who is proof of this notion is Roberto Santiago. The Brazilian businessman was one of the pioneers in the development and management of shopping malls in Brazil. His first mall, the Manaira shopping mall is also his most successful venture yet.

Roberto Santiago got the idea of developing a mall in the 1980s. Having witnessed a gap in the retail industry, he in 1987 decided to purchase a plot of land in his hometown of Joao Pessoa with the intention of building mall. Construction began soon after and after two years short years of construction, Manaira shopping mall was officially opened in 1989. A testament to the mall’s captivating design and construction, it has only been expanded once since it was completed close to three decades ago.

For the last 28 years, the Manaira shopping mall has been the location of choice in Joao Pessoa for those looking for a lasting shopping and entertainment experience. Among the thousands of shopping stalls at the mall, a number belong international fashion brands that often grab the attention of passing shoppers. Additionally, the mall can boast of having education as one of the products within its premises as it hosts the College of Higher Education of Paraiba. The mall also features a number of other amenities that have to be considered essential to all malls including a cafeteria and bank offices.

A trip to the Manaira shopping mall cannot be completed without visiting one of the many entertainment stops at the facility. For starters, the cinema complex is quite popular as it comprises of ten normal movie theaters and a further three that show 3-D films. Where goers are seeking more physical involvement, the mall also features a very popular bowling alley. For those that enjoy fitness, a gym is also found with the confines of the mall. Additionally, children are not forgotten as there is a large gaming area within the mall.

All the shopping and entertainment amenities at the Manaira shopping mall are topped off by the Domus hall. This hall is a large concert hall found on the mall’s rooftop that in many ways is considered its primary attraction. With two separate levels, the concert hall can hold thousands of people, either standing or seated. In addition to space, the hall also has the overall appeal of being sound-proof and being equipped with quality sound systems. The Domus hall is quite popular in Joao Pessoa and is often used to hold weddings, concerts, art exhibitions, and other similar events.


AZ ACLU Gives The Civil Libertarians Of The Year Award

Jim Larkin and Mike Lacey are the founders of New Times.

Mike Lacey is the Media Executive Editor of Village Voice Media. Jim Larkin is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Village Voice Media. They have been honored by the ACLU Foundation which is located in Arizona. They have announced the Civil Libertarian of the Year Award to both of them. This award was handed out to them during the annual Bill of Rights Dinner organized by AZ ACLU in the Heard Museum’s Steele Auditorium.

The presentation was made by John Hay who is the ex-President of the ACLU Foundation of Arizona. This was when he also explained how these founders of New Times had been arrested. This was after illegal as well as overbroad grand jury subpoenas had been published. This was in the double-bylined cover story that was titled “Breathtaking Abuse of the Constitution.” Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

He also stated how the County Attorney along with the Sheriff had conspired in order to put New Times out of business. Hence they made use of the criminal system. This was done in order to prevent anyone from exercising civil liberties. In this way, the honorees had put these two persons, their families as well as their business at a high degree of risk.

This was when Hay further pointed out that all these events were only a part of the long line of actions that were made to defend civil liberties by the publication, New Times along with its owners.

This honor has been given to these two journalists for all that they have managed to achieve for civil liberties. Hay declared that this arrest by the Sheriff as well as the County Attorney is only one of the incidences. Rather, these two have been defending civil liberties for nearly 38 years now. This is why Hay presented these awards to Michael Lacey as well as Jim Larkin as they have been the Civil Libertarians for the past thirty-eight years.

This was when Lacey and Larkin won a standing ovation from all the attendees at that event. They also gave a speech at the event. Michael Larkin stated that the conflict with Sheriff Joe Arpaio is still not over. He stated that Mr. Arpaio is a thug with guns. Hence everyone at Village Voice Media is prepared to resist him.

This was followed by an address by Jim Lacey where he praised his fellow newspaperman. He stated that the abuses that have been perpetrated by Joe Arpaio along with County Attorney Andrew Thomas are specifically against the Mexican immigrants. This has led to trampling down of the constitutional rights of journalists. He said that they are specifically after the Mexicans.

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Roberto Santiago is a Man with Great Achievements in Both the Investment Industry and The Literary World of Publishing and Filming

Born in Madrid, Spain, in 1968, Roberto Santiago is a man of many accomplishments both in the world of business and in intellectual circles. The author of several publications for the youth and little children, he is also a professional script writer for film and, screen advertisements on television, besides being a highly skilled director of motions pictures. In the investment industry, there is a running joke that entrepreneurship forms part of his DNA due to the successes he has had in establishing and running many enterprises. He would not have risen to his present position had it not been for the streak of tenacity, and rare insights he consistently displays in conducting transactions.

Roberto Santiago is a former student of the School of Letters of Madrid where he studied Literary Creation, and the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Faculty of Communication Sciences from where he acquired his talents in creativity. He has had tremendous achievements in the film industry, literature, and theater arts. Some of his best-known creations include Los Futbolísimos (SM), a combination of intrigue and football novels, a two-season television humor series called the Syndrome of Ulysses for Antena 3, and Ana (Editorial Planeta) a book popular with adults. Most of the literary productions attributed to him have won prestigious international awards, for instance, The Protectors that scooped the Ship Prize 2016, Share 38 which got the Prize Enrique Llovet 2000, and The Other Side of the Bed, an adaptation that won T Theater Award as an author of revelation.

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It would be an understatement to merely say that he is a famous writer and screen director because all his other works have hard places of distinction in every event where awards are given. Santiago is a prolific novelist who has several times been awarded the Edebé Prize for Children and Youth Literature and the Editorial SM prize. His works have been translated into many international languages, apart from featuring in many television series and the big screen. A short production known as Ruleta featured in the Official Section of the Cannes Film Festival, La Casecha, an independent comedy of horror was awarded the prize for best film at the Oregon Horror Festival. Unicef has also sponsored an international co-production in which he participated.

The creative literary accolades he has had in literature can only be matched by his entrepreneurial skills. Roberto Santiago own one of the largest shopping malls in Brazil known as Manaira Shopping. It is a word class establishment with large food courts, gourmet restaurants, conference facilities, cinemas, gym, a buffet Pirlimpimpim and park for children, a college and a banking hall. He also has a string of many other businesses. Read more on

Rick Shinto; Steering InnovaCare Health To New Heights

InnovaCare health has made its name through prioritizing quality healthcare for is clientele. For this reason, the company strives to maintain elite levels of operation by hiring staff that is not only highly competent but also adequately trained. As a consequence, the establishment has managed to stay relevant in the industry, fending off stiff competition from its peers. Also, CEO Rick Shinto ascribes the firm’s prosperity to teamwork and transparency among its employees. Faithful to its mission statement, which is to revolutionize the management of the healthcare landscape, the company does its utmost to transform the sector.

InnovaCare provides its services through a network of associates. In Puerto Rico, there are two subsidiaries, through which patients can access the services of the firm. The two branches have an almost immaculate rating, hitting the mercurial 90% mark. This excellent rating is a testament to the affiliate’s commitment to upholding the core values of their parent company. Furthermore, the acquaintances are NCQA accredited. NCQA is respected quality assurance authority which recognizes institutions that provide outstanding customer care services as well as client protection.

In the healthcare niche, Rick Shinto is one of the household names. He possesses a vast wealth of experience, having worked in the industry for a substantial period. Before joining InnovaCare, he served under Aveta Inc., where his exceptional performance bagged him the prestigious Ernst& Young Entrepreneur of the Year accolade. Other distinguished institutions in Rick’s illustrious career include NAMM California, Optima Health, and Medical Pathways among many others. Rick is an alumnus of the University of California, where he received an undergraduate degree. He received his MD from the University of New York, before proceeding to the University of Redlands for his MBA. Under the exemplary stewardship of Rick Shinto, InnovaCare has transformed from a greenhorn to a globally acclaimed managed healthcare enterprise. His unique leadership skills, such as mentoring and inspiring employees to work hard, have brought unprecedented success to the establishment. The impressive returns witnessed by InnovaCare since the appointment of Rick can attest to this claim. Read this article at Open Minds.

Though the upsurge experienced at InnovaCare has wowed numerous people, Rick is not satisfied yet. He is always pushing for improvements in the firm. Rick envisages a future where InnovaCare will be a leading force globally in the field of managed healthcare. The relentless efforts put in by Shinto are starting to bear fruit, as the company has recently reduced the charges levied considerably, making services offered affordable to clients. This has attracted several new clients to the business. Read more about Rick Shinto on BusinessWire.Com

Julie Zuckerberg Takes Talent Acquistion To A New Level

Julie Zuckerberg is an Executive Talent Acquisition Lead for Deutsche Bank and is based in New York City. The departments that she recruits for includes Private, Wealth, and Commercial clients, Asset Management, and Global Technology and Operations. Among her duties are developing recruitment strategies, improving recruiting processes, and advising executives on hiring governance and best recruitment practices. She has been particularly successful at attracting top talent to Deutsche Bank from both the United States and abroad.

Zuckerberg attended both the City University of New York-Brooklyn College, where she graduated with a degree in Philosophy, and New York Law School. Her first professional position was at Hudson in 2002 as the Director of Candidate Placement. In this position, she recruited in the legal field and was responsible for bringing in paralegals, case managers, attorneys, and their support staffs. She provided these recruits to Hudson’s clients which included corporations, law firms, and financial companies. Her work at Hudson drew attention and in 2007 she landed the position of Vice President, Executive Recruiter at Citi. While at Citi she developed recruiting strategies and led research into compensation trends. She also oversaw creating job offers and negotiating with candidates over complex issues like deferred rewards, claw backs, and equity buyouts. She also was involved in immigration issues for those candidates that came from outside the United States. Before joining Deutsche Bank Julie Zuckerberg also briefly worked at New York Life Insurance Company as their Experienced Hire Recruiting Lead, Corporate Vice President where she oversaw the company’s recruiting practices and strategies.

During her career, Julie Zuckerberg has developed a strong knowledge of the best recruiting practices and hiring top-notch executives. She has devised a number of strategies that take advantage of all of the diverse ways that the best talent can be located and researched. She has led by example and mentored other employees in how to spot and approach talent that is needed in the companies she has worked for and their clients. In addition to coaching other employees, she has developed great skill in conflict resolution and handling employee grievances. She has also developed a deep knowledge of issues like compliance, the laws surrounding recruiting, and audit management. She has developed an excellent reputation in advising senior executives on all of the issues regarding recruiting at the executive level.

While not at work one of Julie Zuckerberg‘s favorite hobbies is jogging around New York City. She is also an avid hiker and is familiar with the many trails that lie around the greater New York City area. She also has developed an interest in photography and developing her ability to take impressive photos, particularly of nature. Zuckerberg also has a history of advocating for repressed people, human rights, and animal welfare.


How Did OSI Group Rise To Success?

A Family Business Thrives
OSI Group started out as a family run business. Over time the business eventually grew so large there was no choice for the Kolschowsky family than to turn it into a corporation. At that point the business was attracting so much interest from so many people it attracted the interest of fast food companies like McDonald’s and Pizza Hut. American fast food was finally hitting the world and as it went global the industry needed the backing of a strong supplier.

The World’s Meat Deli
OSI Group is basically the world’s largest meat deli. They process the meat companies need for fast food companies throughout the world. This means OSI is tasked with making sure the world never runs out of hamburger patties, pizza toppings, and sandwich meats needed for our favorite comfort foods. The task of putting all those elements together isn’t an easy one, but OSI is able to make sure it always finds a way by enlisting the help of smaller meat processing companies it buys such as Baho Food. Without these workers OSI would not see the success it has over years.

Putting Workers First
OSI Group has seen the success it has over the years because the company puts workers before anything else. Other companies avoid giving their workers what they want because of inconvenience it brings them, but OSI Group refuses to allow anything to harm its workers. In fact, thanks to OSI countless Americans can find jobs and advance their careers and livelihoods. This company is worth more than $6 billion for a reason and it isn’t because of putting its workforce on the back burner. OSI Group gives its worker opportunities they wouldn’t find anywhere else .

Rewards And Recognition
OSI Group frequently receives rewards and acknowledgements for the quality of its services and the standards it upholds. Recently, the British Safety COuncil gave OSI Group the Globe of Honour for the company’s commitment to high safety standards. OSI workers can always rest assured that their safety is of the utmost concern of the company and everything is done to make sure that they are able to perform their jobs without any harm. According to Forbes, OSI Group is one of the 100 largest privately owned American corporations in the world. That doesn’t happen without giving the people who put you there the support they need.

The Benefit Of The New Mobile Application By The David Osio Estate Group, Davos CAP Calculator, To Property Investors

In an official statement publicized by The David Osio Estate Group, the firm announced the release of the new mobile application, “Davos CAP Calculator.” The mobile application approximates the return in sales of the real estate assets that a customer wishes to invest in. The firm developed the new platform using modern and updated technology for both the iPhone and Android devices. The application allows a customer to peruse property featured and forward the assets of interest to an agent of the Davos Group for an interactive chat on further consultancy.


David Osio commented on the application’s original intent and stated that Davos REG aims to develop a mobile application that gives a client detailed guidance during their search of investment property. According to the CEO, the platform will play a vital role in investment in the real estate industry of the United States. Gerad Gonzalez added that Davos CAP Calculator allows investors to have financial oversight of their investment by estimating the rent value of the property in agreement with the projected income. Gerad stated that the firm is currently developing further innovative solutions that will provide their clients with more satisfactory solutions. Gerad Gonzalez worked with Tecknolution for six months during the development process of the application to design the appearance and functionality of the tool.


The Davos CAP calculator will feature a mortgage calculator that approximates the mortgage value of properties selected by Davos’ clients. The calculation will include factors such as the bank’s projections, associated interest rate and funding duration of the lease. In addition to the launch of the application, the Davos Real Estate Group has created new meaningful relationships with real estate agents globally. They have recruited new partners from Spain and other European regions.


Davos Real Estate Group is a stand-alone affiliate firm of the Davos Financial Group. The Davos Financial Group is a global financial firm with a high profile in the Latin America market. The Davos Financial Group began providing economic advisory after its establishment by David Osio in 1993. David Osio has led the company to open affiliate businesses in Panama, Geneva, Miami, New York and Europe. David began his career in 1981 after graduating from the Catholic University of Venezuela. He worked for OPED enterprise as the CEO and joined Caracas law firm in 1984. David managed the law firm’s corporate clients and earned a promotion as the company’s vice president. In 1993, David branched out and launched DFG. DFG has received several awards such as the Medal of Honor from the US Congress.


Following Huge Pendrell Stock Run, Dondero’s Highland Capital Management Halves Stake

James Dondero’s Highland Capital Management halved its Pendrell Corp (NASDAQ:PCO) stake to 23.57 million Class A common shares following an impressive run by the intellectual property rights company’s stock since the start of 2016.

Highland’s recent 13G Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing reports a cut-down from a former holding of 45.61 million shares as of the company’s end-of-March 13F filing to a stake that still accounts for 11.00% of Pendrell’s outstanding stock. Pendrell, which licenses, invests in and sells a diverse portfolio of intellectual property rights, has seen its stock surge 39.69% overall since January.  That banner period leading up to 2016’s halfway point amounted to $45 million in revenue, a lucrative licensing deal announced on May 20 between subsidiary Memory Technologies and Toshiba, and $23.48 million in added operating income.

Highland Capital Management’s managed assets now total approximately a combined $18 billion, making the firm one of the world’s largest alternative credit managers. As president and co-founder with more than 30 years of experience in credit and equity markets, James Dondero’s company specializes in credit hedge funds, collateralized loan obligations (CLOs), distressed and special situations private equity, and long-only funds and separate accounts.

Their broadly invested client portfolio is comprised of foundations, endowments, corporations, governments, public pension plans, and high net-worth individual investors. Though headquartered in Dallas, Texas with offices in New York, Highland has expanded into intercontinental influence with offices in Singapore, Seoul, and Sao Paulo.


Kenneth Goodgame Bringing Big Things to True Value

True Value is one of the most iconic brands in hardware marketing today. This legendary name has earned its reputation for service, value and customer engagement though clear message presentation and effective branding. Kenneth Goodgame led this marketing campaign to record successes. As Senior Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer from 2013 to 2015 his experience and skill made a significant difference in customer engagement and employee involvement in mutual satisfaction.

Putting his BS in Marketing from the University of Tennessee Goodgame applied skill and learning to the benefit of hardware-related corporations and True Value’s premier position as America’s most well-known hardware vendor shows.

Its local reach and customer-oriented focus makes its success notable in a world of big box stores and marketing. Generating owner and employee enthusiasm and making this transferable to customers and converting them into permanent clients was a goal of Goodgame’s service. With its origins in 1948 True Value today shows how the hardware retail industry and has been transformed into a customer service format with contractors, homeowners, do-it-yourself enthusiasts as beneficiaries.

Today True Value includes equipment rental service as an extension of involving customers in an ongoing relationship for goods and services for home improvement. Marketing is a never ending process of engagement and communication and True Value has invested effort into increasing and creatively seeking ways to attract home improvement customers.

True Value includes garden and landscape marketing through Home and Garden Showplace with its own band of horticultural management products and over 260 individual stores. True value’s distribution network serves its retail store owners and customers with quick supply and re-stock of sale and popular items.
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