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Copa Star Hospital Takes the Lead in Providing High-Quality HealthCare Based on Sophistication and Modern Medical Innovations

In the Copacabana South Zone of Rio de Janeiro at a street called Figueiredo Magalhães, there is a healthcare facility known as Copa Star Hospital that boasts some of the best technological innovations in the field of medicine. The quality of care the hospital provides besides being international in nature is also enhanced by the comfort and sophistication patients get. The hospital’s administration believes that patients can access the best treatment if the services are exclusive and luxurious. That is why the attractive architectural design of the facility and the tranquil surroundings in which it is situated are complementary to the quick process of healing the patients’ experience.

Many people, who have had the opportunity to visit the hospital, praise it as one of the best medical facilities in the whole of Brazil. The establishment located in a seven-story building offers world-class nursing services. It is built on 21,000 meters square of expansive ground, and it has nine rooms for primary operations, 105 general rooms, a center of diagnosis, and 45 ICU facilities. The architecture is not only designed for aesthetic values alone, but all the seven floors are made of hydrostatic slabs to guarantee zero permeability and structural solidity. Copa Star is a trendsetter in both the advanced nature of the medical care it offers, and the beauty of its architecture. Visit their Facebook page.

To ensure that patients get real value for their money, the management employs only the most qualified physicians in every treatment discipline. The entire team comprising expert doctors, clinicians, surgeons, laboratory technicians, nurses, and support staff are dedicated, and very competent. The environment around and within the hospital is made functionally attractive in every aspect of care. The interiors of every room where patients live are decorated with exquisite works of art to minimize anxiety, stress, and boredom. The high sense of aesthetics maintained by the management is designed to generate responses that are emotionally positive to aid faster recovery. All friends and relatives who come to visit their next of kin find a warm, homey, and welcoming atmosphere, and staff members who are hospitable in every sense of the word.

It is now beyond dispute that Hospital Copa Star is ranked with the best health facilities anywhere in the world. The advanced surgical and diagnostic techniques employed in the hospital, exemplary professionalism, and the five-star accommodations all combine to make Copa Star the leading health provider. It is not, therefore, surprising that most rooms in the hospital look like expensive apartments because they have systems that automatically draw back curtains, and control lighting. Patients have access to iPads and tablets that facilitate quicker access to nurses when they need attention. There is a lot more that make the hospital a favorite destination for all classes of people.

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The Meriwether Group and its Project Manager, Sawyer Howitt

Sawyer Howitt is the project manager for his father’s emergent business, the Meriwether Group, a firm which help newly rising entrepreneurs achieve their dreams and goals by accelerating their businesses. The Meriwether Group has helped both startup companies and entrepreneurs as well as fortune 100 companies bring their goals to fruition.

The Meriwether Group offers their clients a wide range of services to better assist their growing enterprises. They offer advisory services as well as a blend of financial expertise, capital options as well as smaller and short term bridge debt financing as well as several long term options.

Sawyer Howitt joined his father’s team at the Meriwether Group in 2015 where he filled the role of Business Strategy Analyst and implemented his technical skills to develop RFID checkout solutions for many retail businesses. His ability to utilize technology to assist their clients, Sawyer was promoted early in January of 2017 where he became a Project Manager.


Now a newly made project manager, Sawyer Howitt began using his technical skill-set in an increased capacity within the RFID checking implementation as well as other related technology within the retail sphere of business. Using his skills he has brought revolutionary advancements to the RFID checking technology that will change the way consumers shop over the next several years, perhaps eliminating the need to checkout good at the retail stores.