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James Larkin: Irish Labor Organizer

James Larkin was born into poverty in Liverpool in 1876. He would go from the slums of Liverpool to become one of the most complex heroes of the Irish labor movement.

After beginning his career as a dockworker in Liverpool, he joined the National Union of Dock Labourers in 1905. He would go on to become a full-time union organizer, although his striking methods would be controversial with NUDL leadership. He was transferred to Dublin in 1907.

In Ireland, he founded the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union (ITGWU). The goal of the ITGWU was to create one union for all workers in Ireland. The ITGWU would prove to be enormously popular and lead to the forming of the Irish Labour Party. Learn more about Jim Larkin: and

He became one of the central figures in the Dublin Lockout of 1913, a major strike action involving over 100,000 workers striking for over 8 months. However, the Lockout would eventually end in defeat for the labor movement. At the outbreak of World War I, Larkin organized anti-war demonstration.

In 1914, fresh off the defeat of the Lockout, he left for America. There he toured the lecture circuit and raised funds for the Irish fight against the British. He was arrested in 1919 during a period of anti-communist sentiment in the US and was convicted of criminal anarchy and communism.

Three years later, he was pardoned and deported back to Ireland. There he continued to work in the labor movement, founding Workers’ Union of Ireland and working with that organization until his death in 1947.

Mike Baur And Max Meister Welcome A New Member To The SSUF Marketing Team

Mike Baur has been doing some tremendous work at the Swiss Startup Factory, a name the company was given because it’s been producing some of Switzerland’s biggest new tech and financial companies. It’s known as an accelerator because it takes business ideas and brings them into execution phase within a short amount of time, and the incubator company has done well thanks to the support and partnerships that Baur has been able to bring to it. He and CEO Max Meister were pleased to welcome Antonio Gasser to the team just a few weeks ago. Gasser is now the Chief Marketing Officer at SSUF and is responsible for the incubator’s branding and marketing strategies, and will be helping to reach out to more partnering companies. Gasser’s experience has included leading Red Bull Media and was also in customer relations at Swatch.


Mike Baur got the idea for the SSUF a few years ago when he realized he needed a change from banking. He had been in banking since 1991 when he became an intern at UBS Bank. Baur had been told at the time that if he followed a plan and earned promotions at each stage of his career that he could expect to make a lot of money and have his retirement all planned out. He accomplished a lot in his 20 years of banking, but things happened that changed his plans to stay in banking forever. The main development was the change that the recession of 2008 brought to banking, and in the years following that Baur found that he no longer felt the way about his job that he had before. So in 2014 after realizing he could do more than just crunch numbers, Baur retired from banking.


The motivating factor that Mike Baur had for starting the SSUF was seeing what was happening at universities around Switzerland with many graduates looking to create new businesses that were different than traditional brick and mortar corporations. He believed a lot of great returns were to be found in these businesses for investors, so he created a network at the SSUF that gave access to capital for entrepreneurs, and a chance for investors to earn money when the businesses succeeded. The SSUF uses a training and mentoring program that lasts three months, and startups that last through that program can then gain access to funds and even have office space leased out for them to work out of.


Enhancing Dentistry World with MB2 Dental

Chris Steven Villanueva has been an active specialist for quite some time and even founded MB2 Dental. He established a facility whose aim is to help doctors so that dentists can have a chance to provide the best dental care for their patients. He has been working as a mentor, associate dentist, Dental Director and he is now the CEO of the largest Dental Support Organization. He has a huge experience in the field of dentistry which gives him understanding on how to maintain and offer quality services to their patients. He is very passionate about ensuring that dental profession maintains its honesty. Dr. Villanueva has been a mentor to many graduates who just finished their dental school and are willing to start practicing.

It is clear that working together as a group of practitioners can help improve dental industry. This will give dentists a chance to help each other and offer the best services to their patients. MB2 Dental was established on the same principle and has been working towards improving as well as enhancing dental management. Patients are therefore able to receive the best dental services from the practitioners all the time.

Services Offered by MB2 Dental

All the employees and management at MB2 Dental are always committed to helping other organization provide the best services to their patients. They have partnered with many organizations offering dental care to provide them with services that are crucial for their practice as well as to maintain their clinical autonomy.Most organizations only focus on how they will improve their profit margin. MB2 Dental was established to bring a new face to the world of dental care. They are in a position to fulfill all the needs of their clients since they have the right technology to handle them. They not only focus on personal growth, but autonomy and having a great time together.

About MB2 Dental

Established by Dr. Villanueva, MB2 Dental ensures patients receive quality services and to also improve dental fields. All the practitioners understand how important it is to ensure patients receive the best care and are satisfied by their services. They have come up with the best team of specialists to ensure tasks that are a burden, time consuming as well as confusing for dentists are handled. This gives dentists a chance to fully concentrate on patient care and dentistry to ensure all their patients receive quality services.

Manaira Shopping Mall is the Greatest Achievement in Roberto Santiago’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Entrepreneurship is not easy. However, while every business person will describe entrepreneurship as a difficult process, they will also admit that it is quite rewarding. One of the entrepreneurs who is proof of this notion is Roberto Santiago. The Brazilian businessman was one of the pioneers in the development and management of shopping malls in Brazil. His first mall, the Manaira shopping mall is also his most successful venture yet.

Roberto Santiago got the idea of developing a mall in the 1980s. Having witnessed a gap in the retail industry, he in 1987 decided to purchase a plot of land in his hometown of Joao Pessoa with the intention of building mall. Construction began soon after and after two years short years of construction, Manaira shopping mall was officially opened in 1989. A testament to the mall’s captivating design and construction, it has only been expanded once since it was completed close to three decades ago.

For the last 28 years, the Manaira shopping mall has been the location of choice in Joao Pessoa for those looking for a lasting shopping and entertainment experience. Among the thousands of shopping stalls at the mall, a number belong international fashion brands that often grab the attention of passing shoppers. Additionally, the mall can boast of having education as one of the products within its premises as it hosts the College of Higher Education of Paraiba. The mall also features a number of other amenities that have to be considered essential to all malls including a cafeteria and bank offices.

A trip to the Manaira shopping mall cannot be completed without visiting one of the many entertainment stops at the facility. For starters, the cinema complex is quite popular as it comprises of ten normal movie theaters and a further three that show 3-D films. Where goers are seeking more physical involvement, the mall also features a very popular bowling alley. For those that enjoy fitness, a gym is also found with the confines of the mall. Additionally, children are not forgotten as there is a large gaming area within the mall.

All the shopping and entertainment amenities at the Manaira shopping mall are topped off by the Domus hall. This hall is a large concert hall found on the mall’s rooftop that in many ways is considered its primary attraction. With two separate levels, the concert hall can hold thousands of people, either standing or seated. In addition to space, the hall also has the overall appeal of being sound-proof and being equipped with quality sound systems. The Domus hall is quite popular in Joao Pessoa and is often used to hold weddings, concerts, art exhibitions, and other similar events.


Talk Fusion Leads the Way With New Digital Presence.

Talk Fusion is making a move to give their platform more global support with the announcement of two additional websites in their line: and These two platforms were created in order for users and prospective employees to have the chance to fully immerse themselves in the Talk Fusion world while regaling them with benefits and potential opportunities. CEO Bob Reina established Talk Fusion back in 2007 and since then he has steadily grown the company into one of the more prominent and active video marketing companies on the internet.


The Talk Fusion expansion to these two new platforms is specifically going to make finding the benefits that Talk Fusion offers even easier. Users are directed to the first website that we listed above where they will begin the process of working through four different steps. These steps start by showcasing feature demonstrations, video examples, and customer testimonials. Eventually, visitors are pushed toward another platform where they can sign up for a live Opportunity Orientation event that is held every day during the week in multiple different languages. During this orientation, which is built off of Talk Fusion’s suite of products, customers will get to see the value of Talk Fusion with their own eyes and in real time.


The reason that Talk Fusion has found so much success over the past decade is that CEO Bob Reina has never been shy about his product and he’s certainly never been hesitant to get more people involved. Talk Fusion thrives on pioneering new avenues into the industry and that is certainly what Reina is doing with this opportunity. Reina says of his new platforms, “It has to be simple, it has to be easy, and it has to be done by everyone in the exact same method.” This quote is, of course, referencing how the Talk Fusion system works and just why it has been so good to so many different people around the world. Right now, Talk Fusion can be accessed in 140 different countries as well as in nine different languages. Learn more:


American Leader and Financier Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright is broadly known for being an American expert in finance and founding Kevin Seawright and PRS Solutions LLC. He has a vast experience in the sector of finance that exceeds fourteen years.

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright is famous for his excellent decision to utilize his expertise and understanding to benefit himself and the East Coast community in the development of their financial capabilities. Such enables the arrival at the wise investment decisions.

Notably, he gave service to his clients efficiently during his financial service. It is worth acknowledging his ability to combine different financial components such as administrative operations, business penetration, team enclosure together with a personal finance sector. This is by Crunchbase.

At the moment, he serves as the Vice President and the Chief Financial Officer at Newark Economic Development Corporation. In his leadership, Kevin Seawright has attained positive results from the posts he has occupied from the start of his financial career. He is a business executor known for his establishment of the most efficient plans alongside commercial division. Read more: Newark economic development group names CFO

Additionally, he is an influencer and has facilitated several changes in other financial sections. They include revenue plans that have encountered success across the Mid-Atlantic region. Subcontractors and the general contractors utilize them.

Following his success in his career life, he has attained many accomplishments. They include rendering goods and services as well as revenue enhancement that has contributed significantly to the early returns. More information is found at

Another description of him is that he is a skilled professional alongside business management that is experienced in the industry of banking and finance. It is through working in different capacities in the field that his experience is extensive. Such levels include Human Resource Information System.

This entails the use of the needs of the human resource using software packages and computers. Such requirements include scheduling, payrolls, attendance and staff information management. He has worked for several organizations including City government.

During his service at City government, he had the responsibility to manage the activities of the public schools’ systems for over eight thousand students. As well, he serves at Baltimore City Community College as an interim executive Operations’ Director.

Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

Michael Lacey is a Math Prodigy

For most of his life, Michael Lacey has been able to do math problems that most other people wouldn’t even be able to think about doing. This is because he is a math genius and he knows a lot about math.

He was born with the ability to be good at math and he continues to use that ability to ensure that he is doing things the right way. Ever since he was just young, he did what he could to make sure that he knew a lot about math and that he knew the right way to try different things. Read more: Michael Lacey | and Michael Lacey | Facebook

Since Michael Lacey was so good at math, he was able to help many more people with the math issues that they were dealing with and he was even able to teach a lot of people about the math that they would be able to do in different situations no matter what was going on for them.

Since Michael Lacey was so good at math, it made a lot of sense for him to become a math teacher. While he was not particularly interested in teaching classes for younger students, he was very interested in teaching college students about math and about what they could do with math. This was something that he was dedicated to and something that he knew a lot about.

Michael Lacey even started doing his own algorithms. He had already figured out the other ones that were available for people to understand but he also wanted to be able to try different things so he took his time and was eventually able to figure out his own.

He tried his best and made sure that he was doing things right so that he could help other people figure out what the algorithms meant later on in their own careers while they were working on math.

Things have always been good for Michael Lacey when it comes to math. Now that he is working as a professor of math, he is doing a lot to help other people.

He tries his best to show people what they can get out of different math options and out of the different things that they can do with math. It is something that has given him a chance to show other people what they will be able to get from the math world and from the opportunities that they have while they are doing math.

Meet and learn about Richard Mishaan in 3 minutes

Richard is not a new name in the design world. Those who follow design patterns and trends have probably come across his name. However, you do not have to be familiar with the architecture and interior design to know him. You will be conversant with who Richard Mishaan is when you finish reading this text.

Richard was born and raised in Cartagena, Columbia and partly grew up in Bogota and Italy. He credits his inspiration and style from his childhood memories of the beautiful cities of Colombia.

Richard has vast knowledge in architecture, fashion, and interior design. Also, his cultural roots give him an advantage regarding quality and luxury. Richard started his career as an apprentice in the offices of Phillip Johnson after graduating with a BA from the University of New York and attending Columbia university school of architecture.

Richard has authored two books Artfully Modern released in 2014 November and Modern Luxury. Monacelli Press published both books.

Richards firm in New York has become one of the leading superior interior and architectural work. He is best known for lavish designs, which is carefully and adequately combined with vintage styles. The public can find curated decorative objects and antiques with bold patterns and colors in his portfolio. It is not a surprise that Richard Mishaan is one of the best choices if you want to build a beautiful house. He has consistently featured in several publications from interior design magazines to architectural digest.

Richard is famous for elements of great sophistication and décor not familiar with other designers. He is associated with the unique inner works such as Trump World Towers and Shelburne Hotel. Coupled with over 25 years of experiences, Richard keen eye for details makes him one of the most reliable people for creating sophisticated, stylish, and elegant designs for homes and hotels.


How Food Chains Can Take Advice From Sweetgreen

Nathaniel Ru is the co-founder of Sweetgreen. He founded it with two buddies from college. They all attended an entrepreneurship class together. At Georgetown University, they realized that there was not enough options for healthy and high quality food.

Therefore, when they left college, they decided to stay in the area and open up an eatery that offered such food. This eventually grew into the well known food chain store called Sweetgreen. It serves simple, healthy and seasonal food.

It works with a model that other food chains in the country are looking at and wishing they can emulate. The thing is, this is the kind of model that will let food chain stores succeed in today’s day and age.

The fact is that young people, and even older people, are now interested in things such as healthy food that is organic and which is not heavily processed. They are also interested in food that is locally grown and wholesome for the body. Sweetgreen offers this kind of food.

Sweetgreen also knows how to use technology to increase revenue. They have a website and a mobile app. The interesting thing is that around thirty percent of all their orders come through their website or mobile app. This shows that a lot of people are making orders online. Other food chain restaurants can emulate this and incorporate technology into their business.

Another aspect of Sweetgreen’s modern business model is the way they interact with customers. Nathaniel understands that in order to satisfy customers, they need to understand them. In order for that to happen, management has to actually meet with their customers instead of just reading reports that are given to them by people who actually work in the stores. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru: and

So, once a year, all five offices of Sweetgreen close down. The people in the offices then go into Sweetgreen stores and actually work there. They get a chance to interact with customers and see how the business works on a daily basis. This lets them discover issues which can use some improvement.

Nathaniel Ru is a well known entrepreneur. He started Sweetgreens at a very young age. At a later time, he started Sweetlife. It is a music festival with lots of food. The best chefs come from all across the country. It attracts around twenty thousand people every year. This makes it the largest food and music festival in the United States.

Copa Star Hospital Takes the Lead in Providing High-Quality HealthCare Based on Sophistication and Modern Medical Innovations

In the Copacabana South Zone of Rio de Janeiro at a street called Figueiredo Magalhães, there is a healthcare facility known as Copa Star Hospital that boasts some of the best technological innovations in the field of medicine. The quality of care the hospital provides besides being international in nature is also enhanced by the comfort and sophistication patients get. The hospital’s administration believes that patients can access the best treatment if the services are exclusive and luxurious. That is why the attractive architectural design of the facility and the tranquil surroundings in which it is situated are complementary to the quick process of healing the patients’ experience.

Many people, who have had the opportunity to visit the hospital, praise it as one of the best medical facilities in the whole of Brazil. The establishment located in a seven-story building offers world-class nursing services. It is built on 21,000 meters square of expansive ground, and it has nine rooms for primary operations, 105 general rooms, a center of diagnosis, and 45 ICU facilities. The architecture is not only designed for aesthetic values alone, but all the seven floors are made of hydrostatic slabs to guarantee zero permeability and structural solidity. Copa Star is a trendsetter in both the advanced nature of the medical care it offers, and the beauty of its architecture. Visit their Facebook page.

To ensure that patients get real value for their money, the management employs only the most qualified physicians in every treatment discipline. The entire team comprising expert doctors, clinicians, surgeons, laboratory technicians, nurses, and support staff are dedicated, and very competent. The environment around and within the hospital is made functionally attractive in every aspect of care. The interiors of every room where patients live are decorated with exquisite works of art to minimize anxiety, stress, and boredom. The high sense of aesthetics maintained by the management is designed to generate responses that are emotionally positive to aid faster recovery. All friends and relatives who come to visit their next of kin find a warm, homey, and welcoming atmosphere, and staff members who are hospitable in every sense of the word.

It is now beyond dispute that Hospital Copa Star is ranked with the best health facilities anywhere in the world. The advanced surgical and diagnostic techniques employed in the hospital, exemplary professionalism, and the five-star accommodations all combine to make Copa Star the leading health provider. It is not, therefore, surprising that most rooms in the hospital look like expensive apartments because they have systems that automatically draw back curtains, and control lighting. Patients have access to iPads and tablets that facilitate quicker access to nurses when they need attention. There is a lot more that make the hospital a favorite destination for all classes of people.

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