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Methodist University Cox Business School gain New Addition to the board

The founder and CEO of the Highlands Capital Management, James Dondero, has been appointed to the board of the Cox School of business of the Methodist university. This appointment comes as part of the efforts that the business leader has been making to try and give something back to the community. The appointment is not the first benefit that the university has gotten from HCM; the company has for a long time now been part of the Towers Scholar program, which benefits the students undertaking studies in public policy.

Other initiatives that have been spearheaded by the company include the funding to the George W. Bush Library, which is found on the campus and also the Museum. The school is one of the greatest sources of human capital and also market for the goods and services for the local community of Dallas, because of its large population.

James Dondero realizes that the student population also benefits his various businesses, which is the reason why he is trying to give back to this community.

The board that he is joining has a total of 100 members. To become part of it, you need to steer clear of any academic activities in the school, whether as a student or teacher.

This is one of the many leadership positions that James has had to assume. He is also the Chairman at NexBank, NexPoint Residential Trust, Cornerstone Healthcare and CCM capital.

James Dondero

The parent organization that has branched into the smaller companies headed by James Dondero is known as Highlands Capital Management. The Company was started in 1993, with the help of his friend, Mark Okada. They aimed at offering alternative choices in investment.

This is the third decade that James is working in the Credit and Equity industry. He is an alumnus of Virginia University which he graduated cum laude from in 1984. He is also a CPA, CFA and CMA.