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What Doe Deere’s Beauty Routine Looks Like

Successful people are known to have a routine that they stick with and Doe Deere, founder off the Lime Crime brand has her very own routine that she likes to stick with. First off, she wakes up every morning at 8:30-sans alarm. Deere always makes sure that she gets her none hours of beauty rest and she swears that is the reason her skin is so clear. Deere considers herself to be a real morning person and she loves to wake up in the morning. She enjoys breakfast in her kitchen, looking out the window, and contemplating on the day ahead.


Deere makes sure to always start her day with a glass of water since it is dry in los Angeles where she lives and it’s easy to get dehydrated. After she has a minute to wake up and get hydrated, she likes to do stretches. Her favorite stretch is the cat/camel exercise because it makes her feel good. Her favorite breakfast is grits and she also likes to eat yoghurt, fruit and freshly squeezed orange juice. She uses oranges right off of her own orange tree.


After she is done all that she checks her phone’s calendar to see what’s on the agenda for the day. After that, she applies her makeup while she listens to her tunes. At the moment, Deere is listening to The Beatles a lot which she listened to growing up.


Deere uses Glossier face wash because it is mild and smells like roses and her routine includes moisturizer and foundation. Then she fills in her eyebrows before moving on to her cheeks and lips. Her favorite makeup items are blush and lipstick because Deere loves color. Applying her makeup is her favorite part of her morning because it is time to be free an gives herself some time. Her entire makeup routine can take anywhere form 15 minutes to an hour. It all depends on what she is doing.She favors pink or red Deere also likes to spend quality time with her favorite Persian cats, Puffy Fluffles and Chester von Battingham. She enjoys petting them, kissing them and treating them like kings.


Deere arrives at her office around noon, eats lunch, and socializes with her team before having her meetings. She aims to wrap it all up by 6 at night but she occasionally stays up until midnight if needed.


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Doe Deere- Article Recap

Doe Deere, CEO and founder of the makeup brand Lime Crime, is the self described “queen of unicorns” and she more than looks the part. Her hair color is an every changing array of shades from pale pink to bold bright blue. Her makeup is bold, and artistic. Doe Deere rocks these colors like she was born wearing them. The look she creates manages to be polished, as well as all about fun and fantasy.

Lime Crime specializes in bright, bold makeup colors with a healthy dose of glitter. Products include their Diamond Crusher Lip Topper, which is exactly what it sounds like: the boldest, most glittery lip color you have ever laid eyes on. Their Velvetine Liquid Metallic Lip Color has the soft, matte finish of rose petals. The colors range from the dusty lavender mercury, to the bold golden xenon. In addition to being eye catching and unique, Lime Crime’s products are 100% vegan and cruelty free.

Doe Deere moved to the US from Russia when she was seventeen. She lived in New York City from 1998 to 2012. While she lived in New York she worked as a musician. She met her husband, and business partner when they were in a band together during that time. She credits their unique ability to collaborate with the time they spent playing music together.

In 2008, when makeup trends were all natural, natural, and more natural Doe Deere went in search of something a little bolder, and more fun. When she discovered that her only options seemed to be different shades of beige lip gloss she started making her own makeup. She was surprised and how much other women gravitated toward her candy colored creations. That’s when she realized that a makeup brand specializes in exciting, fantastic colors could be a viable option and Lime Crime was born.

Doe Deere also has a background in fashion that has informed her understanding of makeup and hair. She studied fashion design at FIT in New York City, and while she was there she realized that makeup, hair, and clothing are all interrelated parts of creating a fashion statement. Many women view makeup as something that should be invisible, but Doe Deere views makeup as a vehicle for self expression. Her hope is that the women who buy Lime Crime are able to use the bold, unexpected colors to express themselves more fully.

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