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Vincent Parascandola of AXA Advisors Offers Valid Financial Advice

Searching for a financial advisor equates to seeking for professional help to navigate uncertain financial times. When an investor looks for a financial advisor, safety is what they are exercising in terms of ensuring that the unknown is evaded. The search is indicative of the desire to be in a better financial position compared to the present one. A good financial advisor understands that it is important to deliver the right results. An astute financial advisor has unmatched qualities in determining the future of an investment docket. Such qualities define Vincent Parascandola of AXA Advisors.


Vincent Parascandola is the vice president at AXA Advisors. He is in charge of the sales department, project management, retention of workers, the management of productivity and development. He is also in charge of developing new and experienced employees. Vincent boasts of a vast experience in financial management. In fact, he has been in the field for approximately 25 years. According to RocketReach, his career began at Prudential in 1987. He worked as a sales agent. It is during his service in this firm that he earned recognition as the year’s national rookie.


In 1990, Vincent worked for MONY Life Insurance. He was a manager at the regional office. Vincent the joined AXA Advisors. Initially, he was president of AXA Equitable, an affiliate of AXA. This division was established to attract senior financial professionals. Before joining the division, he worked as an assistant manager for AXA New York branch. Vincent handled about 400 financial professionals. This shows that he is a successful leader whose works have a positive impact on people’s lives.


As a leader, Parascandola has received numerous awards because of his excellent performance. The management awards have greatly contributed to the growth of his career. One of these awards is the GAMA’s Career Development. He was awarded on the basis of strategic leadership. Vincent is also a highly regarded speaker who does motivational speaking. He has done well in imparting sound advice to financial professionals that need help with growing their careers. At AXA Advisors, Vincent Parascandola is doing a great job as an advisor and leader. Most clients have given a positive review in regards to the company offering successful strategies in financial management.

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Madison Street Capital Successfully Leads Ares Security in Acquisition Through Corbel

Madison Street Capital recently acted as the primary financial advisor to ARES Security Corporation in the acquiring of minority equity. Madison was involved in the trading process of the debt investment for its client. ARES Security Corporation is based in Vienna. The company provides risk management services through comprehensive security software to offer safety solutions. Charles Botchway announced the capitalization and the news on the transaction. Under the insightful leadership of Charles, Madison Street Capital led the transaction.


Ares Security


While giving a speech of appreciation, Reginald McGaugh, said that Madison Street Capital was excited to work with Ben Eazzetta, the president, and shareholder of Ares Security. He added that Ares Security is a high-end company that utilizes technology solutions for safety in the world in critical cases. Reginald stated that the firm has a solid, superior management and board which prodded a challenge to them in finding a reliable financing partner. Ben Eazzetta said that they were excited to be in business with Madison Street Capital through the year 2016. Ben added that Ares Security was very pleased with the whole process of acquisition including due diligence, the analysis of valuation and capital rising.





According to Ben, Madison Street Capital had worked very hard in finding the right financing partner. The company was very excited about the future of their new capital structure. Ares evaluated that being in partnership with Corbel would promote creativity and a new structure of investment. To the company, this was the right path to follow. Corbel is famous for offering flexible financial solutions with supportive operations and partnerships. With such attributes, Ares Security is in safe hands. Corbel’s flexible financial solutions have a supportive pivot to companies.




Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital Reputation roots from its successful investment advice. The international investment banking firm commits to integrity, excellence and honest leadership in service delivery. From mergers and acquisitions, financial advisory services, financial opinions, and acquisition expertise, Madison Street Capital has its clients covered. The package of services positions customers in a successful docket in the universal market. In undertaking new projects and clients, the objectives of a customer become Madison’s. These goals range from financial advisory services, transfer of ownership and capital raises. Madison Street Capital places emerging markets at the center of every stock market trading. The firm has earned client trust through the unwavering dedication to give the best. Madison is committed to offering successful financial advice to clients even if it means partnering with other companies.


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Tammy Mazzocco Sells Residential Properties In Pickerington, Ohio

At the beginning of her real estate career, Tammy Mazzocco was an office secretary for various real estate firms in Central Ohio. She learned a lot about the administrative part of the business during that ten-year period, but in 1999 she decided to get into the sales end of the business, primarily because she had seen the income potential for herself, that can be found on her page.

Tammy joined the Judy Gang Team with RE/MAX in the Pickerington, Ohio area which also encompassed the four-county area around Pickerington. Today she enjoys a thriving real estate practice that has enabled her to help hundreds of families to find the home of their dreams in the area.  Read more:

Tammy has learned that success is not an accidental event and that to get it and maintain it one has to devote time and energy and work at it. She arrives at her office early and gets the office duties of paperwork, emails, and other similar duties out of the way. She then gets on the phone to schedule appointments to show houses to prospective buyers.

Most of Tammy’s new business comes from referrals and repeat business, which amounts to about an 85 percent mix. She likes some of the new sources of new customers such as the leads that come from real estate sites like Zillow and, as these leads are usually live on the phone and consist of people who are actively looking to see some homes.

When asked just how she views herself today, Mazzocco replied that she doesn’t take herself too seriously, but refuses to live with any fear of failure and that she doesn’t settle for mediocre results.

The one trait where she focuses with an ironclad determination is to treat clients’ in the same way as she would prefer to be treated herself. This is especially true when it comes to the clients’ time and finances. People sense when you have their best interest at heart, and they will want to do business with you because of that. It is surprising how many sales and service people just don’t care, and they and their clients suffer because of it.

Tammy takes her work a day at a time, and she knows what brings the results. She has seen fellow real estate agents get a big sale, and sometimes it nearly ruins them because they get lazy. That is why having a routine and sticking to it is what brings results that last through any financial situation.

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Turn Your Finances Around With An Easy Distance Learning Course From VTA and Jim Hunt

VTA Publications is a reliable online distance online course that offers their clients real time financial strategies that will improve your financial outlook. You have the option of choosing from over 4,600+ financial strategies that give you the freedom of getting rid of debt, buying a new home, or starting a business. Jim Hunt is the CEO and founder of the VTA course along with being a successful financial analyst and stock market investor. He is well known in the financial sector for his precise accuracy of the stock market. He gives his customers 24/7 support with his distance learning course by offering tutorials and CD’s.

Hunt also has a YouTube tutorial that offers his clients transparent stock market trades that he has made with his own money. He offers his clients real solutions to trading on the stock market in uncertain economic times. He also encourages his guests to communicate, take notes, and ask questions on Hunt’s YouTube channel is available to anyone that has an internet connection or access to the web. He encourages his clients to make sound financial decisions while utilizing his advice to become financially successfully.

Hunt also made his mum a tax-free millionaire with only ten trades and now he offers this advice to his clients. Amazingly, his mum now lives her life as a millionaire. This information is also offered on his YouTube channel. Reach your full financial potential with the advice offered by Jim Hunt. His VTA Publications course is an extension of his popular Wealth Wave course. Don’t stay in debt another day or give in to a less than friendly boss that refuses to pay you what your worth. You can start your own business and generate a cashflow that allows you to be your own boss.

Build your finances today with minimal out of pocket expenses. Hunt doesn’t hesitate to give his clients the optimal opportunity to transform their finances and gain true wealth at Discover the number one method for financial improvement used by thousands of successful business professionals around the world.

Why More Startup Entrepreneurs are Using Stock to Secure Seed Capital

Leading provider of alternative financial solutions Equities First Holdings (EFH), recently announced that more debtors are choosing stock based loans over traditional loans. This trend has been growing steadily because commercial banks and other traditional lending institutions have tightened their lending criteria. Stock based loans have therefore, become popular among borrowers who are in need of quick capital, yet do not qualify for normal credit-based loans.
Whereas such individuals have a number of alternatives besides stock loans, a general increase in interest rates is greatly shrinking the available options. EFH’s CEO and founder Al Christy opines that collateralized stock-based loans are an innovative credit alternative for individuals who are looking for working capital. Generally, these loans offer borrowers more value because they have a fixed interest rate. Therefore, there is a degree of certainty in the course of the transaction period.

The Competitive Advantage of Stock Loans

Mr. Christy notes that stock loans are advantageous due to a lower investment risk in the event that there is a slump in the money markets. This is due to the fact that they have a fixed interest rate. They similarly have a non-alternative feature, which allows borrowers to opt out even when the value of the stocks depreciate. This way, borrowers can hold onto the original loans without having any further debt.

There are no loan restrictions when it comes to this type of credit. This means that borrowers can use their loans to undertake projects of their own without any constraints. Nevertheless, Al decries the fact that unscrupulous lenders are infiltrating the industry, and are unceremoniously dumping borrowers’ collateral. Therefore, he urges borrowers to be careful when seeking stock loans.

Equity First Holdings in Brief

The company has curved a niche for itself within the financial services industry through the provision of alternative financial solutions to its clients. Since its formation, it has managed to specialize in the development of efficient lending solutions, which mostly target entrepreneurs and affluent individuals who are seeking non-purpose capital.
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