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Spearheading Changes in the Medical World-Oncotarget

Oncotarget is a weekly peer- review open access medical journal which covers research on some aspects in Oncology. It was established in 2010; it’s published in Impact journals. The chief editors of Oncotarget are Andrei V. Gudkov and Mikhail Blagosklonny. To accrete the dissemination of highly scientific information. Oncotarget has been releasing issues twice per week.This journal continues to play a significant role in the publication of critical basic and scientific research papers. The editorial consistency is also high. It helps a lot of people in keeping them in the know. It is an outstanding and the most important journal in the field of oncology and cancer is performing a very important and role in this area and on those working on only cancer research and also to the whole medical field.

Oncotarget requires solid support from the investigators and everyone who works in the area of oncology as well as in NIH.With this kind of research, it is essential to give it your best as a lot of people look forward to any information that can lead to saving lives of cancer patients; although it is accepting topics and papers beyond oncology. Neuroscience, cell biology, pharmacology cardiology, pharmacology and many areas. Due to rising importance, quality, impact and volume Oncotarget is starting to publish two issues a week on Tuesday and Friday.

Having available sources and reliable information on such sensitive information should be a great thing in the society. It is essential for all the organization national and private to give Oncotarget all the necessary support they require to improve the quality of work they are doing. Cancer in one of the society biggest nightmare and a solution should be looked for, and if not so, there should be community help just like what Oncotarget is doing. With the able editorial team, and the great contributions from the many scientists who have been published on it, it is easy to see that the journal has become indispensable in science. The editorial team is making changes to ensure that the paper becomes easily available to those that need it.

Using Research to Derive Solutions

Using Research to Derive Solutions

Research makes solutions accurate. This makes it the best method that someone can use to create a solution. Research is detrimental in medicine because the human body is scientific. Creating solutions that are scientific enables people to understand how they can continuously improve or upgrade to a better solution for cancer treatment . Cancer is a challenge that has led people to depend on research for solutions. The ever evolving cases of cancer affect the human race. Cancer is developing into a new challenge. This makes research essential in providing solutions. The challenge is not a one-man problem. It calls for unity from many intensive researchers in order to create the proper medication. Oncotarget is a platform that enables researchers to sharpen each other’s findings with the aim of arriving at the best solution.

Oncotarget is a positively reviewed web site by peers who pursue medicine. They research about cancer and age. The interested doctors and students publish the finding of their particular research on the site. It is reviewed by their peers who break it down to the point where it can be improved. This research is done continuously by the peers. The editors of the website are some of the most successful doctors. The editors take over the findings and create constructive solutions from the research after reading the uploads. This process is continuous. It enables the students and young doctors to have an opportunity to put their skills and expertise into practice. This research has been successful over the years

. It was key in the creation of birth control pills. These pills have been used to control population and have reduced some of the social issues in different nations at various levels.Young professionals and students should take critics of their work positively. They can derive solutions from such critics. They should set themselves for opportunities that challenge them to think harder and improve what they consider a solution. These opportunities are scheduled to sharpen them to become industry leaders. The continuous research enables them to master their profession. They achieve career success in the long run.


Copa Star Hospital Takes the Lead in Providing High-Quality HealthCare Based on Sophistication and Modern Medical Innovations

In the Copacabana South Zone of Rio de Janeiro at a street called Figueiredo Magalhães, there is a healthcare facility known as Copa Star Hospital that boasts some of the best technological innovations in the field of medicine. The quality of care the hospital provides besides being international in nature is also enhanced by the comfort and sophistication patients get. The hospital’s administration believes that patients can access the best treatment if the services are exclusive and luxurious. That is why the attractive architectural design of the facility and the tranquil surroundings in which it is situated are complementary to the quick process of healing the patients’ experience.

Many people, who have had the opportunity to visit the hospital, praise it as one of the best medical facilities in the whole of Brazil. The establishment located in a seven-story building offers world-class nursing services. It is built on 21,000 meters square of expansive ground, and it has nine rooms for primary operations, 105 general rooms, a center of diagnosis, and 45 ICU facilities. The architecture is not only designed for aesthetic values alone, but all the seven floors are made of hydrostatic slabs to guarantee zero permeability and structural solidity. Copa Star is a trendsetter in both the advanced nature of the medical care it offers, and the beauty of its architecture. Visit their Facebook page.

To ensure that patients get real value for their money, the management employs only the most qualified physicians in every treatment discipline. The entire team comprising expert doctors, clinicians, surgeons, laboratory technicians, nurses, and support staff are dedicated, and very competent. The environment around and within the hospital is made functionally attractive in every aspect of care. The interiors of every room where patients live are decorated with exquisite works of art to minimize anxiety, stress, and boredom. The high sense of aesthetics maintained by the management is designed to generate responses that are emotionally positive to aid faster recovery. All friends and relatives who come to visit their next of kin find a warm, homey, and welcoming atmosphere, and staff members who are hospitable in every sense of the word.

It is now beyond dispute that Hospital Copa Star is ranked with the best health facilities anywhere in the world. The advanced surgical and diagnostic techniques employed in the hospital, exemplary professionalism, and the five-star accommodations all combine to make Copa Star the leading health provider. It is not, therefore, surprising that most rooms in the hospital look like expensive apartments because they have systems that automatically draw back curtains, and control lighting. Patients have access to iPads and tablets that facilitate quicker access to nurses when they need attention. There is a lot more that make the hospital a favorite destination for all classes of people.

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How the Oncotarget Journal is Contributing to the Advancement of Scientific Research

Oncotarget and Therapy has a Journal Impact Factor (JIF) of 2.272. It has been indexed severally by Biological Abstracts, BIOSIS Previews, Science Citation Index Expanded, and Journal Citation Reports/Science Edition among several others. With all that, publishing with Oncotarget and Therapy comes with a lot of benefits, some of which are discussed in this article.

Advantages of Publishing with Oncotarget and Therapy

Oncotarget and Therapy is an electronic Journal, which means that it has an unlimited space to publish as many papers as there can be. This is different from other journals to which some paper authors can be turned away because of lack of space to publish their work. On matters of size, on the other hand, the journal can accommodate papers of any size. Upon publishing with the journal, an author is guaranteed of a global audience since papers are downloadable from at no charge. Download output styles at

Oncotarget and Therapy is a peer-reviewed journal. For this reason, authors publishing with the journal are privileged to have their papers reviewed whereby observations by reviewers are necessary for paper ratings. The decision-making process in most journals is sluggish and lengthy, making papers from authors stall for a long time before they are published. For Oncotarget and Therapy, the case is different. After a paper is submitted, a decision about it is reached at a time not exceeding four weeks; peer-review is done in three weeks or less while the editor takes not more than seven days. With this speedy process, Oncotarget and Therapy lead to zero author frustrations.

For maximum benefits, authors are given the option of joining the Oncotarget and Therapy’s Favored Author Program. Upon joining the program, authors are accorded extra benefits, such as getting a personal coordinator, paper fast-tracking, and discounted publication processing fee.


Oncotarget is a journal that publishes medical papers on a weekly basis. The papers can be obtained from authors across almost all medical disciplines. Through the journal, findings from the scientific research are made readily accessible to the public, and medical specialists can exchange notes freely and quickly. Most importantly, scientists from all corners of the world are provided with a platform to contribute to the field of science. Learn more about Oncotarget at Research Gate.

Rick Shinto; Steering InnovaCare Health To New Heights

InnovaCare health has made its name through prioritizing quality healthcare for is clientele. For this reason, the company strives to maintain elite levels of operation by hiring staff that is not only highly competent but also adequately trained. As a consequence, the establishment has managed to stay relevant in the industry, fending off stiff competition from its peers. Also, CEO Rick Shinto ascribes the firm’s prosperity to teamwork and transparency among its employees. Faithful to its mission statement, which is to revolutionize the management of the healthcare landscape, the company does its utmost to transform the sector.

InnovaCare provides its services through a network of associates. In Puerto Rico, there are two subsidiaries, through which patients can access the services of the firm. The two branches have an almost immaculate rating, hitting the mercurial 90% mark. This excellent rating is a testament to the affiliate’s commitment to upholding the core values of their parent company. Furthermore, the acquaintances are NCQA accredited. NCQA is respected quality assurance authority which recognizes institutions that provide outstanding customer care services as well as client protection.

In the healthcare niche, Rick Shinto is one of the household names. He possesses a vast wealth of experience, having worked in the industry for a substantial period. Before joining InnovaCare, he served under Aveta Inc., where his exceptional performance bagged him the prestigious Ernst& Young Entrepreneur of the Year accolade. Other distinguished institutions in Rick’s illustrious career include NAMM California, Optima Health, and Medical Pathways among many others. Rick is an alumnus of the University of California, where he received an undergraduate degree. He received his MD from the University of New York, before proceeding to the University of Redlands for his MBA. Under the exemplary stewardship of Rick Shinto, InnovaCare has transformed from a greenhorn to a globally acclaimed managed healthcare enterprise. His unique leadership skills, such as mentoring and inspiring employees to work hard, have brought unprecedented success to the establishment. The impressive returns witnessed by InnovaCare since the appointment of Rick can attest to this claim. Read this article at Open Minds.

Though the upsurge experienced at InnovaCare has wowed numerous people, Rick is not satisfied yet. He is always pushing for improvements in the firm. Rick envisages a future where InnovaCare will be a leading force globally in the field of managed healthcare. The relentless efforts put in by Shinto are starting to bear fruit, as the company has recently reduced the charges levied considerably, making services offered affordable to clients. This has attracted several new clients to the business. Read more about Rick Shinto on BusinessWire.Com

Life Line Screening Helps Catch Health Problems Early

It’s very important to catch health problems in their early stages. If caught early, many diseases can be managed much easier through early intervention and lifestyle changes. Life Line Screening a healthcare company that provides screenings in order to help people learn if they have any conditions that they need to discuss with their primary care doctor.

Life Line Screening provides their services around the United States. The health screenings are provided in convenient locations such as community and senior centers, churches, and businesses. The screenings, which are performed by highly trained technologists, are made up of three types; finger-stick blood screenings, limited electrocardiograph, and ultrasound. These three screenings can find issues such as testosterone deficiency, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic kidney disease, lung cancer, and a host of other illnesses and diseases. The health screenings results are provided to the patient who can then share them with their primary care physician.

Life Line Screening has been in business since 1993. It is based in Independence, Ohio and is led by Chief Executive Officer Sean Schultz and Dr. Andy Manganaro who serves as the Chief Medical Officer and National Medical Director. Schultz has been with Life Line Screening since 2014 while Dr. Manganaro first joined the team in 2000.

As additional resources for patients, Life Line Screening publishes an E-Newsletter which provides advice on how to manage individual wellness efforts. The company also has a blog with plenty of tips on how to live a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise and proper nutrition. Their blog allows access to more than 90 health studies, over 200 articles about healthy living, and 20 recipes that include wholesome ingredients. It also has 46 articles designed to show people if they’re at risk for a variety of illnesses and diseases.