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Mrs. Betsy DeVos Talks About Successes of Private School Education Reforms in America

In an interview held in the spring of 2013 with Philanthropy Round Table, the world finally got a chance to meet the real Betsy DeVos. Previously, the powerful woman preferred to effect change from behind the scenes. The mainstream media used to know of her as a relentless reformer out to overhaul the educational system. The decisions to scale back her level of involvement in charity arose from the fact that she now had bigger fish to fry. In other words, she opted to step down to concentrate more on delivering as the 11th Cabinet Secretary for Education in the USA. Here are the salient points discerned from the interview in 2013.

Future Plans

Mrs. DeVos began by sharing a few facts and insights about how far the private school’s voucher programs initiative had reached to date. In the thirty years, Betsy has seen a lot of positive developments. She’s repeatedly doled out her personal wealth to support and fund the several noble causes she has interests in. Betsy expressed how the programs have grown to now support well over 250K pupils in over 30 schools, both private and public. The growth rate of the initiative is poised to keep on rising by up to double-digit gains in the coming months and years. Check her website for more info at

Potters House Chance Encounter

For the umpteenth time, she reiterated how the ‘traditional’ public schools had grossly failed in equipping the students with the relevant competitive skills necessary to thrive in the global marketplace. The primary agendas on the reformist agenda by Mrs. DeVos center on tax credits and vouchers and scholarships for private school pupils. In the interview, she went into details about how the first school they supported forever changed their lives. It was at the Potters Christian House private school where she and Dick DeVos, the husband, first came into contact with the deplorable situation of the schooling system in the nation.

Pro-choice education remains top of her to-do list even as she warms up to her new position at Washington D.C. Buoyed by the success of her programs in states like Florida; it’s only a matter of time before Betsy Devos puts plans to replicate the model on a nationwide scale and extent.

About Betsy DeVos

For about thirty years, Mrs. DeVos and her close family and friends had remained on the headlines. Her strong connections with the Tea Party have seen her run the Michigan branch for six years in the 1990’s. They also knew that she had indeed come from one of the most philanthropic families in the entire nation. In 2017, Betsy has had to abandon some of the duties and roles she played at several leading charitable and for-profit organizations. Organizations like Windquest Inc., the Dick and Betsy DeVos foundation, the DeVos Institute for Arts Management situated at the Kennedy Center, Kids Hope USA, the Mars Hill Bible Church and the American Federation for Children organization. The philanthropic woman holds a B.A from the prestigious Calvin College in Michigan. Visit Betsy’s profile on Twitter.

Doe Deere – article recap

Doe Deere has captured the attention of millions of fans that are dazzled by her beautiful line of makeup. The makeup is suitable for anyone that has just a little unicorn in them. The fact is that unicorns is a term penned by Doe Deere and applies to the people that purchase her cosmetics. Doe Deere is also the self titled unicorn queen that realized her dream early on in her career. Her dream was to create a makeup line that was composed of deeply pigmented colors that were unique to the company. The name of the company is Lime Crime, one of the most popular cosmetic companies online.

Doe Deere’s Musical Career

Certainly, numerous fans think of Doe Deere as the unicorn queen and the founder of Lime Crime. However, Deere started her career in music. The Russian born beauty dreamed of coming to America and starting her own musical career. She landed in New York. A few years later, she pursued that dream with a rock band that played concerts all around the city. During that phase of her life, Deere learned about music, business, management, and marketing. Deere realized that those skills learned during her musical career would help her with her cosmetic company.

Deer On Success

What is success? Is it based on your income? Is it based on the type vehicle that you drive or the home you live in? Deere believes that real success is based on following your dreams and achieving your dreams on your own terms, instead of listening to others. It is the ability to express your true self without caring about others opinions too. This philosophy is also something that holds true for her makeup line. Her makeup line is all about having the freedom to express yourself boldly and imaginatively.

About Doe Deere

Today, Lime Crime is a social media phenomena. The makeup company has attracted millions of followers from all corners of the world. Lime Crime followers meet up to share tips and pictures wearing the Lime Crime product. Doe Deere is the creator of the beauty brand that has taken the Internet by storm. The company is a makeup trail blazer too. Lime Crime was one of the first makeup companies to go digital primarily and sell their line of products online. Today, the highly successful company continues to create more animal cruelty free products for their unicorn followers.