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Bolstering Relations

Adam Milstein is noted for his affiliation with charitable and philanthropic services. His services mainly consist of organizations that strengthen the U.S- Israel relationship. One way of accomplishing this is through his organization, the Adam and Gila Milstein family.

They consist of consulting, partnership development, and fundraising.

Early Life

During the Yom Kippur war, Adam served in the Israel Defensive Forces since he was born there. He eventually graduated from the Technion in 1978 and came to the U.S in 1981, where we earned an MBA from USC. His career began with a commercial Real Estate Agency in Southern California and Hager Pacific Properties. The latter company is a private firm specializes in commercial and industrial real estate through the United States.

Additional Affiliations

Life Path Impact- Milstein nurtures an emerging adulthood population by funding and guiding different philanthropic organizations throughout their life.

Philanthropic Synergy- Creates independent, partnerships with non-profit communities to assist in different activities.

Feedback from Milstein

According to Crunchbase, in a recent interview that took place at the Israeli-American 2016 conference, Adam Milstein strongly emphasized the significance of strengthening the Jewish-American community and their relationship to Israel. Adam viewed the relationships between the two communities as synonymous, fighting for similar causes. This includes strong opposition for Anti-semitism and the willingness to promote leadership between Jewish and Americans

Overall, Milstein promotes the effort to maintain friendly relations from both sides and allow the free flow of individuals. In other words, they should be encouraged to follow their own path or choose to follow Allah.

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