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The musical journey of the upcoming pop queen Norka Luque

There is always an extraordinary phenomena that creates a total change in our lives. It mostly happens when we come across people that change our lives completely. Such occurrences usually come out of nowhere but are never forgotten. Take for instance, Norka Luque a Venezuelan singer who experienced one of these incidents. After a tough career, she managed to move to the United States so as to pursue her singing career. It was here where she met Grammy-Award producer Emilio Estefan. Since the meeting, the musical journey of Norka Luque has never been the same.


Norka Luque musical journey started as a child. She participated in several art classes at a very young age, she trained for dances, piano, singing, ballet and flamenco. Her parents ensure that she had a solid formal education. Upon completion of high school, she managed to move to France where she undertook her undergraduate studies.


Her passion in music saw perform in French nightclubs. To her this was a way to connect to her true aspiration in music. The talented vocalist joined a band here called Bad Moon Rising. Singing with a band created a favorable platform for her to meet several professionals in the singing industry. She graduated successfully from France with skills in culinary arts, marketing and fashion.


Even with success in educational career, Norka Luque always knew that she wanted to become a famous musician. She loved to listen to famous Latino artists like Ricky Martin and Shakira when growing up. She was deeply inspired by those artists, her encounter with Ricky Martin in one concert saw her pursue her dream in music. She fully dived to Latino music in Miami where the nature of music is thriving. Miami is the place where famous Latino artists have grown, recorded their music and become musical stars.


Singing for Norka Luque has always been something she does out of passion. The Latino community has been behind her and offered adequate support to help grow. Emilio Estefan, a famous producer heard about Norka and had her audition for him. Norka later managed to produce a hit in 2011 and a subsequent hit in 2012. Her several albums have been at the top of musical charts.

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