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Using Research to Derive Solutions

Using Research to Derive Solutions

Research makes solutions accurate. This makes it the best method that someone can use to create a solution. Research is detrimental in medicine because the human body is scientific. Creating solutions that are scientific enables people to understand how they can continuously improve or upgrade to a better solution for cancer treatment . Cancer is a challenge that has led people to depend on research for solutions. The ever evolving cases of cancer affect the human race. Cancer is developing into a new challenge. This makes research essential in providing solutions. The challenge is not a one-man problem. It calls for unity from many intensive researchers in order to create the proper medication. Oncotarget is a platform that enables researchers to sharpen each other’s findings with the aim of arriving at the best solution.

Oncotarget is a positively reviewed web site by peers who pursue medicine. They research about cancer and age. The interested doctors and students publish the finding of their particular research on the site. It is reviewed by their peers who break it down to the point where it can be improved. This research is done continuously by the peers. The editors of the website are some of the most successful doctors. The editors take over the findings and create constructive solutions from the research after reading the uploads. This process is continuous. It enables the students and young doctors to have an opportunity to put their skills and expertise into practice. This research has been successful over the years

. It was key in the creation of birth control pills. These pills have been used to control population and have reduced some of the social issues in different nations at various levels.Young professionals and students should take critics of their work positively. They can derive solutions from such critics. They should set themselves for opportunities that challenge them to think harder and improve what they consider a solution. These opportunities are scheduled to sharpen them to become industry leaders. The continuous research enables them to master their profession. They achieve career success in the long run.


How the Oncotarget Journal is Contributing to the Advancement of Scientific Research

Oncotarget and Therapy has a Journal Impact Factor (JIF) of 2.272. It has been indexed severally by Biological Abstracts, BIOSIS Previews, Science Citation Index Expanded, and Journal Citation Reports/Science Edition among several others. With all that, publishing with Oncotarget and Therapy comes with a lot of benefits, some of which are discussed in this article.

Advantages of Publishing with Oncotarget and Therapy

Oncotarget and Therapy is an electronic Journal, which means that it has an unlimited space to publish as many papers as there can be. This is different from other journals to which some paper authors can be turned away because of lack of space to publish their work. On matters of size, on the other hand, the journal can accommodate papers of any size. Upon publishing with the journal, an author is guaranteed of a global audience since papers are downloadable from at no charge. Download output styles at

Oncotarget and Therapy is a peer-reviewed journal. For this reason, authors publishing with the journal are privileged to have their papers reviewed whereby observations by reviewers are necessary for paper ratings. The decision-making process in most journals is sluggish and lengthy, making papers from authors stall for a long time before they are published. For Oncotarget and Therapy, the case is different. After a paper is submitted, a decision about it is reached at a time not exceeding four weeks; peer-review is done in three weeks or less while the editor takes not more than seven days. With this speedy process, Oncotarget and Therapy lead to zero author frustrations.

For maximum benefits, authors are given the option of joining the Oncotarget and Therapy’s Favored Author Program. Upon joining the program, authors are accorded extra benefits, such as getting a personal coordinator, paper fast-tracking, and discounted publication processing fee.


Oncotarget is a journal that publishes medical papers on a weekly basis. The papers can be obtained from authors across almost all medical disciplines. Through the journal, findings from the scientific research are made readily accessible to the public, and medical specialists can exchange notes freely and quickly. Most importantly, scientists from all corners of the world are provided with a platform to contribute to the field of science. Learn more about Oncotarget at Research Gate.