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Enabling Transparency in Political Campaigns

Political campaigns are developed through various agreements because they are expensive. Transparency in a political campaign ensures that there are no hidden agendas that politicians have to fulfill after winning elections. This is not the case for most campaigns because some of them are very expensive beyond the wealth of the politicians. This forces the politicians to make agreements with the various interested parties. The agreement is made with a hidden motive that guides the politician if they win the election. This is not fair for the citizens because they do not understand the undercurrent that controls their preferred presidential aspirant. End Citizen United is a community of people who believe that the impact funders have a significant say on the political campaigns that control the person if they win an election. The community was formed to enable the politicians to have a better option when looking for funding opportunities.


End Citizen United shields people against the exploitation of political offices. The political aspirant has to compromise on some of the policies that they pass in favor of their sponsor. This happens in the instance when wealthy individuals fund someone in the society. The problem is that the policies that are compromised upon could be unfair to people in the society. The conditions are observed because it is an agreement. End Citizen United Community does not shield the political aspirants alone. They also protect the citizens in the long run. This enabled fairness for both groups so that their power is controlled by rich people in the society. End Citizen United is transparent because grassroots partners fund the company. Their funders are individuals who do not have self-interest. This enables the people to develop credibility in the political aspirants. The power bestowed upon the president is honored as it is not compromised upon because of debt.


It is important to note that End Citizen United was formed by two gurus who had mastered online campaign. They have achieved great success in fundraising for this community. The founders have committed themselves to improving the conditions of borrowing for the politicians. This will affect their leadership style because they will be in a position to develop their legacy and improve their nation at large. They will also pass policies that are helpful to the people. Politicians should look out for opportunities that favor them and shield them against exploitation from the rich people in the society. This will facilitate their development and the development of the society as a whole because they will be in a position to lead as they wish. End Citizen is a great body. It has worked to protect the interests of an ordinary politician in society.