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Why Roberto Santiago is One of the Leading Entrepreneurs in Brazil’s Shopping Segment

If his ventures in the entertainment and shopping center industries are anything to go by, then Roberto Santiago is a force to reckon with in Brazil and more precisely Paraiba. Roberto’s reputation stems from being the owner of some of the most modern shopping centers including Manaira Shopping, which is the largest shopping complex in Joao Pessoa after undergoing five expansions.


Roberto Santiago has continuously spearhead Manaira’s concept designed to offer an array fun, leisure and comfort options to its esteemed customers. The idea behind Manaira is intended to showcase that other remarkable features exist in the Northeastern part of Joao Pessoa apart from its unmatched sunsets, rich cuisine and pristine beaches.


Entertainment and Fun


Designed by Roberto Santiago, Manaira Shopping encompasses a space that reflects both entertainment and fun. As such, the complex hosts a wide range of options to satisfy all its visitors in search of tranquility, comfort and entertainment. Manaira features eleven movie rooms or theaters that are fully equipped with the latest cutting-edge display equipment. It hosts both 3D and VIP rooms. Manaira also has a Stadium System whereby armchairs are organized like bleachers to give the audience better visibility. Additionally, the movie theaters offer bar services where people or visitors can enjoy various snacks such as popcorns.


Manaira Shopping has an electronic amusement park otherwise known as the Game Station. It features about 20 machines with varied games to match different preferences and ages. Away from gaming, bowling enthusiasts are catered to by the electronic and modern bowling alleys present in the shopping center.


Away from movie theaters and a gaming station, Manaira Shopping has another key feature called the Domus Hall. This facility is the epitome of entertainment at the complex. In fact, it ranks as one of the largest concert halls in all of Joao Pessoa. The Domus Hall was launched nearly seven years ago with the purpose of luring both nationally and internationally recognized artists to the city.


Other Facilities


Manaira Shopping caters to the interests of those in search of a perfect venue to enjoy a good meal while bonding with their loved ones and friends. The mall achieves this thanks to its food court and Gourmet Space. Furthermore, other facilities like gyms and universities are present in Manaira.


Roberto Santiago


Roberto Santiago is undoubtedly a successful entrepreneur. He boasts of a unique ability not only to spot but also cease lucrative opportunities. Away from Manaira Shopping, he is the brains behind Mangabeira Shopping, which opened its doors to the public in November 2014. Built in about two and a half years, Mangabeira stands as one of the most modern projects in Brazil. Furthermore, Roberto Santiago is an accomplished alumnus of UNIPE, the University Center of Joao Pessoa.