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The Pro-active and Successful Financial Advisor, Brian Bonar

Mr. Brian Bonar is the CEO and Chairman of Trucept Incorporation since 2010, formerly known as Smart-Tek Solutions Incorporation. In the company, he has earlier on served as Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer, and Secretary. He has offered his services to large enterprises like Tradeshow Products Inc., Warning Management Services Inc., Amanda Inc., Dalrada Financial Corp., the Solvis Group Inc., and in IBM in the UK sector where he worked for more than 18 years. He is included on the board of directors of the Greenland Corporation. His hard work has taken her to various places.

Brian Bonar holds an Honorary title as Lord Bonar of Wilcrick, Cardiff, Wales UK. He has a BSc. in Mechanical Engineering after attending Strathclyde University (James Watt Technical College.) that is in Glasgow Scotland. He did his MBE then PhD. in International Business Development Studies from the Stafford University in England. When he went to America he became a top official in the American Finance Association.

When he was in Dalrada, he opted to retire, and he left a void that was so hard to fill. He had inspired, mentored fellow colleagues and staff members there. He is now focusing on building Trucept Incorporation Company.

He has invested in San Diego, California and making good decisions has helped the business excel. Brian Bonar is an expert in investment advice helping people who are seeking help in entrepreneurship. He guides large organizations in financial planning and outsourcing, insurance, and information regarding benefits of the workers.

At Dalrada he helped in advising various companies in the US. He gave the procedures to follow when acquiring tax benefits, gave advice on tax strategizing and planning, debit cards, salary advances and supplementing firms with a backup insurance. Dalrada also gave tips on various topics like vision, dental insurance and more.

He is the CEO of Trucept, located California since 2011. According to PR Newswire, Brian Bonar has skills in marketing techniques, strategic partnership, angel investing, due diligence in business, corporate development, making sales, contract negotiations, turn around management, business sourcing, private equity, small business advice, mergers and acquisitions, planning, restructuring, competitive assessments, process improvements and starting a business.

Brian Bonar is an experienced business advisor in California who is well known as a leader who makes wise crucial decisions that can make or break an organization. In his spare time, he goes golfing to release his stress and also loves boating. He plays other games with family and friends so as to keep company.

It is important to note that he is social and free to interact with anyone outside the business. He knows well how to balance business and social life.