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Securus Technologies Implements New Detection Program To Control Drones Entering Prison Premises

Securus Technologies is a company that has time and again come forward to offer some of the country’s leading solutions for law enforcement and public safekeeping. The company, which started out by providing communication services to prisons recently announced that they would be introducing a new technology that would be able to protect prisons from drone threats that they have now been starting to face.


With drones now becoming more and more accessible to the general public, they are now being used as a way to sneak contraband into prisons. There have been several instances where drones have been used to sneak in drugs, weapons and other kinds of illegal substances inside prisons. These can prove to be enormous threats and can cause chaos in the prisons, and disruptions in the way of justice. During the past few months, Securus Technologies has been working on a system that could detect the drones when they enter into a certain radius so as to prevent them from reaching the prisons. This technology would then be able to take control of the drone, thereby preventing it from reaching the inmate who is trying to get something into the prison grounds.


Securus Technologies has always believed in improving the services they provide and the technology that they provide. With the new accessibility that people have to new modes of technology, the company has to also think of ways to prevent its misuse so as to not harm the public in any way. This new implementation is something that was needed for correctional facilities in the country, and can surely improve the workings of these prisons, and reduce the number of crimes that take place therein.


Securus Technologies already conducted the first few rounds of implementation and testing. So far, the results have been incredibly positive and the prisons have been successful in stopping drone threats that have entered the prison premises. Securus Technologies believes that just like any technology, this software is too still in its infancy, and will only get better in time. The company wants to keep developing and testing out the new software that is being installed so as to reduce the threats that enter the prisons.


It was no surprise that Securus Technologies was one of the first prison communications providers to implement this kind of technology in the prisons that they are partnered with. The company has time and again been ahead of its competition, implementing resolutions far sooner than most other communication providers tend to do.



Before the drone detection program, Securus Technologies had implemented A wireless detection and containment solution that would help curtail the problem of unauthorized cell phones in the prisons and would prevent any illegal activities from taking place as a result of them.



Contributions of Securus Technologies to the Correctional Facilities

Securus Technologies is one of the largest inmate communication providers and has played a significant role in improving the level of security in most of the firms. Being the biggest detainee communication provider in the country, the company has helped to maintain a close relationship between patients and their loved ones through their high-quality wireless devices. A vast number of individuals are highly pleased with the services of the firm due to the great high of their services. The high reliability of the Securus Technologies services has seen a significant number of people quickly access their services and monitor the way in which their loved ones in prisons are treated by the jail officers.

The firm which serves over two thousand, two hundred and twenty correctional facilities in the country, has an easy procedure that their clients can follow to access the company’s products and services successfully. One can easily sign up to their free all in one account portal, through which you get to give some details about yourself and later sign up by selecting the type of service you want. Diversity has always been part of Securus Technologies, and the firm focuses on the combination of a broad range of products and services to ensure that it adequately address the varying needs of its clients as well as provide unique and full criminal lifecycle solutions to pre-incarnation incident management through post incarnation monitoring.

Securus Technologies has also established its operations in a vast number of areas, and through its broad range of affiliates, the firm has successfully carried out its activities with ease, covering a wider market. The excellent management of the business has seen it generate up to nineteen million dollars each year as reinvestment into the company. Its heavy reliance on the modern technology has seen introduce the Secure Call Platform, which is currently the leading platform in the industry with more than 2,200 installations.


Securus Technologies Fights Prison Contraband Violations

Technology is a wonderful thing. It allows for us as a people to live a more comfortable life style, a safer life style, a more productive life style. Technology, to a large degree, is what has moved mankind forward throughout history. With that being said, technology can, like anything else, be perverted into a tool that can harm and even destroy our day to day living. Securus has branded an expertise that when used can in fact aide in the impeding of ill-used technology.


To quote one article, “Cell phone accessibility has become a serious problem for prisons — in addition to the crimes that inmates are known to commit over the phone.”, alerts us that there is an almost unfettered use of cell phones in the current prison system. These phones are smuggled in either through friends, family, or fellow inmates, and used to perform tasks such as update Facebook pages, call gang members, call other inmates in different facilities , discuss court strategy with potential witnesses. All of this is done under the supervision of an overworked prison security staff who average one guard per 128 prisoners. It would seem to be an insurmountable problem that has gotten out of control. Until now.


Securus Technologies offers to all of its clients the LBS technology (Location Based Services) which allows for the monitoring of cell phone location and usage activity. The facilities gain such capabilities as discovering when a cell phone is being used inside the facility and where, as well as the location of the connected cell phone as well as its geographical area. Allows the facility to receive alerts when a call is made to an area that has become a point of interest regarding an inmate. As an example, if an inmate calls a known associates residence. In addition, the technology is not reliant upon smart phone GPS being active since most inmates turn off that capability to escape detection.


The technology is sound and is based on the close working of Securus and the local cell phone providers to monitor the end points from the moment of initialization until termination of the communication. Geographical area, time, and duration, are just some of the data being collected that can later be analyzed and used in court if necessary.


Securus Technologies has always been a leader in bleeding edge monitoring systems. The LBS monitoring adds another tool in the safe supervising of your facilities population.

Patent Disputes

Securus Technologies is a Dallas-based technology firm. They have been in business for three decades, and they recently release a video monitoring system. This system is used in corrections facilities to allow prisoners and their families to communicate through the use of a computer and an internet connection.


The technology industry is a highly competitive industry. Recently, a competitor of Securus Technologies put out a press release making several claims against the technology firm. Two days later, Securus Technologies put out their own press release to correct and state their position on many of the claims that were made from Global Tel Link, or GTL.


Many of the claims made by GTL had to do with patents relating to the video monitoring system. The patents say who can use the technology and for what purpose.


Other claims made by GTL have to do with who can use the video monitoring system. Corrections official and law enforcement use this technology to gather information about crimes and wrongdoings that may be going on. The results of this dispute are also in the hands of the court to decide.


Patent disputes and taking these matters to a court of law is something that does happen within the technology industry. The details of a patent can be complicated and having a court decide will settle matters once and for all. GTL took to a press release to state their side and Securus Technologies did the same to refute their claims. Only time will tell how these disputes will end up, but Securus Technologies wanted to set the record straight.


Securus Technologies improves its communication services

Securus Technologies has created a name for itself as a company that provides state-of-the art technology in the criminal justice and public safety department. The company offers an array of services such as monitoring and communication. Securus has always been at the forefront with technology improvements, the company recently launched its new software called Investigator Pro 4.0. The software has a voice recognition feature that can find a person’s voice. The software can search for other voice records to identify any criminal activity within the correction facility. To date, Investigator Pro 4.0 has helped uncover gang-related, potential evils and other crime related activities within the prison cells.


Investigators that have made use of the voice recognition feature have highly benefited from the tool. Most of them are wardens in jail that handle investigations within the facility. Having experienced positive results with the software, these people have sent positive comments through testimonials to Securus Technologies. Through its CEO, Richard Smith, the firm recently published a few of the many positive feedback it received from different investigators.


The latest software provided by the company is so thorough at analyzing voices that it can differentiate various human voices through a phone call. It isolates the voices and uses a searchable feature to identify other areas where the voices occur. While there are hundreds of phone calls made through the prison systems on a daily basis, the software has proved to search through the thousands of records and produce satisfactory results. Although most of the calls are innocent, a few calls have shown criminal activity taking place within the facility. These calls have been followed keenly and led to several convictions.


Securus Technologies – Welcomes Investigator Pro 4.0 to their business structure

Securus Technologies recently announced the arrival of Investigator Pro 4.0 implemented into their system of communications. It was released by JLG Technologies and will be used to find certain voices within the facility. The software allows a voice activated system that can target certain voices within the facility as well as the party that was called. The highly intelligent system can select a voice sample from either the voice of the inmate or the party that was called. They hope to be able to track down some of the gang related activity and help to diminish it along with preventing future crimes. The voice feature allows investigators the possibility to follow the individual’s voice and can now answer many different questions that have arose in the past such as what other inmates are talking to a particular party and the details of the conversation. They can also tell if the party that was called was ever an incarcerated inmate and if the current inmate is talking to a person that was recently released from being incarcerated. The software is a huge milestone that has been developed to help eliminate and destroy potentially harmful actions that can take place as well as solve crimes.


Their main headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas, where they are known to serve more than 3450 public safety officials and more than one million incarcerated inmates. They have been in the industry to provide communications for correctional facilities and their inmates for many years, and continue to provide top of the line technology. They are proud to offer many different types of communications services to the community of facilities and many different plans to choose from.