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How The Traveling Vineyard Serves Clients Through Its Direct Selling Business Model

The Traveling Vineyard established a name for itself in the wine business as a home-based company targeting wine lovers. The company was founded in 2001 with an objective of simplifying wine tastings. Since it was founded, the Traveling Vineyard has over 1,000 wine guides based in more than 40 states of the U.S.


The Traveling Vineyard’s wine varieties fall into three categories. These are white, red and sweet, and fizzy. These wine products range from $14 to $25 in price. Besides wine, the company also specializes in accessories like openers, decanters, and chillers.

How to Register as a Wine Guide

One can join the Traveling Vineyard as a wine guide by paying a registration fee of $174. This fee caters for a success kit that costs $99 and two testing sets priced at $75. The advantage of registering as a Wine Guide is that you qualify for a free electric wine opener once you make over $750 in sales. This bonus is given to those who have hit the target within the first sixty days. Those who make over $1,400 are awarded a $50 rebate.

It is easy to earn money when working for the Traveling Vineyard as a wine guide. This is because the company has an extensive selection of wines that suit the diverse wine demands of clients. Furthermore, the company does not set any monthly sales quotas.

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The Traveling Vineyard’s Social Media Presence

The Traveling Vineyard’s Facebook page has 34,476 likes. The Traveling Vineyard also runs a YouTube channel for posting video adverts for different wine products. On the company’s LinkedIn page, one can learn more about the direct selling approach adopted by the Traveling Vineyard. This business model enables the company to serve clients through independent wine guides. Other social media accounts run by the firm include Twitter and Crunchbase.