U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos: A Quiet Powerhouse

U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has something of a polite demeanor when she is in pubic. She definitely is a team player when it comes to being a member of the Cabinet of President Donald Trump. With that said, DeVos is a tenacious and skilled politician behind the scenes.

DeVos is willing to take a strong position regarding issues in discussions with the President and other members of the Administration behind the scenes. In other words, she is willing to advocate mightily for her position when it comes to a particular issue. However, when the President makes a final decision, even if it differs from the stance for which she advocated, DeVos backs the President 100 percent.

An example of the efforts of DeVos behind the scenes is illustrated by the President’s decision to change Obama-era policy in regard to bathrooms in public schools. The Obama Administration had a policy in which students could utilize a bathroom based on the gender with which they identified. Trump elected to reverse this determination.

Behind the scenes, DeVos resisted this change. She quietly worked to keep the existing policy in place. She called a meeting with a representative of gay and transgender employees in the Department of Education. She wanted to give her employees a heads up of what was coming down the pike, and to advise of what had been her personal position regarding the change.

Once the President made his announcement, she stood by Trump. It was impossible to discern that there had been any disagreement between the two regarding this issue. In fact, DeVos spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference shortly after the policy change. During the speech, she referenced the Obama bathroom policy as an example of federal overreach, again despite her personal concerns about Trump’s decision to change policy in this regard.

In coming to the nation’s capital, DeVos frequently has been underrated. Indeed, she had a difficult time winning confirmation as Secretary of Education in the first instance. She won approval only when the Vice President, as President of the Senate, stepped in and voted to break a tie vote.

This idea that DeVos is not recognized for her skills is foreign to people back home in her home state of Michigan. In Michigan, DeVos was heavily involved in politics, including in regard to issues about education. She is a leading proponent of choice when it comes to education.

DeVos served as the Chairperson of the Michigan Republican Party. Her husband ran for Governor. She has been heavily involved in philanthropic efforts for use, devoting both her time and money. DeVos herself was raised in a family of means. Her husband, Dick, is the son of the founder of AmWay.

Her position as U.S. Secretary of Education was not her first foray into the nation’s capital. DeVos served on the board of directors of the Kennedy Center, having been appointed by President George W. Bush. While at the Kennedy Center, she started and funded an education program associated with that institution. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/betsy.p.devos/

Tony Petrello: Funding Relief And Research

Hurricane Harvey was a natural disaster that was difficult to ignore. The storm crippled one of America’s larger cities, Houston Texas. The rain dumped by the storm causes exponential flooding and left millions of people wondering what they could possibly do next. This horrible disaster required the community to pull together and many people reached out in whatever way they could to help those impacted. Nabors Industries was one of many companies in the area who showed that they are not just interested in what profit they can pull from the area, but also in its wellbeing. About 10% of its employees were impacted by the storm and the rest were ready to do their part to help their neighbors get back on their feet.

The earliest portion of the relief effort by Nabors Industries was lead by their employees. Individuals took it upon themselves to take time off from work to volunteer to put the community back on its feet. According to bizjournals.com Nabors industries were moved by this beautiful effort of their employees and wanted to do their part as well. So they began by offering to pay employees for the time they took off to volunteer. However, they did not believe this was enough so they also put their company kitchen to work cooking three meals a day for local families. Additionally, employees raised over $176,000 to go towards relief efforts that Nabors Industries’s CEO Tony Petrello matched. This is far from their first widespread philanthropic effort, however, in addition to many other charitable efforts the company also has its own charitable foundation. This foundation, Nabors Charitable Foundation has distributed about 3 million dollars to Nabors Industries Employees and their children in educational scholarships.

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The philanthropic spirit powers Nabors Industries giving it purpose beyond profit. No small part of the generous philosophy is due to their choice as CEO. Tony Petrello is that CEO and an active member of the philanthropic community. Although he was born in New Jersey he has come to make Houston Texas his home. Houston is also the focus of many of his charitable donations. One of the largest donations Petrello has made was to the Texas Children’s Hospital. His donation of $7 Million to the hospital went to funding research efforts. More specifically, this large donation ensured the hospital was able to build the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute. This new facility focuses on seeking out the cure for many childhood disorders.

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Manaira Shopping Mall is the Greatest Achievement in Roberto Santiago’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Entrepreneurship is not easy. However, while every business person will describe entrepreneurship as a difficult process, they will also admit that it is quite rewarding. One of the entrepreneurs who is proof of this notion is Roberto Santiago. The Brazilian businessman was one of the pioneers in the development and management of shopping malls in Brazil. His first mall, the Manaira shopping mall is also his most successful venture yet.

Roberto Santiago got the idea of developing a mall in the 1980s. Having witnessed a gap in the retail industry, he in 1987 decided to purchase a plot of land in his hometown of Joao Pessoa with the intention of building mall. Construction began soon after and after two years short years of construction, Manaira shopping mall was officially opened in 1989. A testament to the mall’s captivating design and construction, it has only been expanded once since it was completed close to three decades ago.

For the last 28 years, the Manaira shopping mall has been the location of choice in Joao Pessoa for those looking for a lasting shopping and entertainment experience. Among the thousands of shopping stalls at the mall, a number belong international fashion brands that often grab the attention of passing shoppers. Additionally, the mall can boast of having education as one of the products within its premises as it hosts the College of Higher Education of Paraiba. The mall also features a number of other amenities that have to be considered essential to all malls including a cafeteria and bank offices.

A trip to the Manaira shopping mall cannot be completed without visiting one of the many entertainment stops at the facility. For starters, the cinema complex is quite popular as it comprises of ten normal movie theaters and a further three that show 3-D films. Where goers are seeking more physical involvement, the mall also features a very popular bowling alley. For those that enjoy fitness, a gym is also found with the confines of the mall. Additionally, children are not forgotten as there is a large gaming area within the mall.

All the shopping and entertainment amenities at the Manaira shopping mall are topped off by the Domus hall. This hall is a large concert hall found on the mall’s rooftop that in many ways is considered its primary attraction. With two separate levels, the concert hall can hold thousands of people, either standing or seated. In addition to space, the hall also has the overall appeal of being sound-proof and being equipped with quality sound systems. The Domus hall is quite popular in Joao Pessoa and is often used to hold weddings, concerts, art exhibitions, and other similar events.


Talk Fusion Leads the Way With New Digital Presence.

Talk Fusion is making a move to give their platform more global support with the announcement of two additional websites in their line: JoinTalkFusion.com and TalkFusionInstantPay.com. These two platforms were created in order for users and prospective employees to have the chance to fully immerse themselves in the Talk Fusion world while regaling them with benefits and potential opportunities. CEO Bob Reina established Talk Fusion back in 2007 and since then he has steadily grown the company into one of the more prominent and active video marketing companies on the internet.


The Talk Fusion expansion to these two new platforms is specifically going to make finding the benefits that Talk Fusion offers even easier. Users are directed to the first website that we listed above where they will begin the process of working through four different steps. These steps start by showcasing feature demonstrations, video examples, and customer testimonials. Eventually, visitors are pushed toward another platform where they can sign up for a live Opportunity Orientation event that is held every day during the week in multiple different languages. During this orientation, which is built off of Talk Fusion’s suite of products, customers will get to see the value of Talk Fusion with their own eyes and in real time.


The reason that Talk Fusion has found so much success over the past decade is that CEO Bob Reina has never been shy about his product and he’s certainly never been hesitant to get more people involved. Talk Fusion thrives on pioneering new avenues into the industry and that is certainly what Reina is doing with this opportunity. Reina says of his new platforms, “It has to be simple, it has to be easy, and it has to be done by everyone in the exact same method.” This quote is, of course, referencing how the Talk Fusion system works and just why it has been so good to so many different people around the world. Right now, Talk Fusion can be accessed in 140 different countries as well as in nine different languages. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/TalkFusion/


The Exclusive Spider-Man Coin Series Is Unveiled By The U.S. Money Reserve

The exclusive and anticipated Spider-Man Homecoming coin series has been unveiled by the U.S. Reserve. This occurred October 27th of 2017 at the Los Angeles Comic Con of Stan Lee. This represents the Spider-Man trilogy’s first installment. The coins are pure silver and gold, and pay homage to Spider-Man.

The character is brought to life with three coins made from .9999 percent pure silver or gold. The additional consistency is 1 ounce each of Silver Black Proof High Relief and Gold Black Proof High Relief. The coins feature a lovely collectors box with Spider-Man artwork. The Certificates of Authenticity are individually numbered, and retro-inspired. Read more; US Money Reserve | Buiilt in Austin

As the co-creator of Spider-Man, and the legend of Marvel Comics, Stan Lee signed several of the exclusive PCGS labels for the gold coins. The series features high reliefs on a coin field with a black proof finish. The design shows Spider-Man scaling a brick wall. Advanced technology was used in the minting of these coins.

This is the first series Legendary Precious Metals has ever offered, and they are operated and owned by the U.S. Money Reserve.

The U.S. Money Reserve distributes precious metals issued by the government, and are responsible for the 75th anniversary Pearl Harbor coins. The series represents an amazing piece of comic book history. Read more

As the CEO of the U.S. Money Reserve, Angela Koch is excited regarding the launching of Stan Lee’s Spider-Man coin series. The booth display in Los Angeles was interactive, and home-coming themed. The attendees had the option to walk around and immerse themselves in the theme.

The Spider-Man coin series features a highly collectible design, an official Marvel license, a limited supply, special edition packaging, Stan Lee’s gold coin label, struck from pure silver or gold, and a numbered certificate of authenticity.

PR Newswire stated that the U.S. Money Reserve distributes high-quality platinum, silver and gold. The Reserve was established in 2001, and currently serves hundreds of thousands of customers. Their assets are diversified and include physical precious metals, mainly in the form of United States silver and gold coins.

The U.S. Money Reserve has a unique, highly-trained and talented team of experts. Their knowledge of the market enables them to locate every level of precious metals to suit the requirements of their clients.

They surpass the standard of the industry regarding customer service, and have established long-term relationships with all their clients. The company has their base in Austin, Texas.

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Legendary Precious Metals Collaborates With Stan Lee to Launch the Elite Spider-Man Coin Series

U.S. Money Reserve has launched Legendary Precious Metals, an exclusive coin series. The new initiative was launched on October 27 in Los Angeles during the Stan Lee’s Comic-Con. This series of silver and gold was launched to celebrate Marvel’s Spider-Man: Homecoming. Read more US Money Reserve | Crunchbase and US Money Reserve | Buiilt in Austin

The 2017 Spider-Man: Homecoming coin series brings life to the character with three fabulous coins struck from 1 Kilo Silver Black proof High Relief, 1 oz. silver Black Proof High Relief and .9999 pure gold or.999 pure silver: 1 oz. Gold Black High relief. Each of these three coins is certified to the highest available quality, which is near-flawless 69 or museum quality 70. The coins also come in a unique collector box decorated with spider-man artwork and a certificate of authenticity. Learn more about US Money Reserve: http://www.cbs8.com/story/32745176/us-money-reserve-ceo-angie-koch-earns-contributor-profile-on-the-huffington-post-blogger-platform

Another unique thing about these coins is that some of them are signed by Stan Lee, Marvel Comics legend, and Spider-Man co-creator. PCSG, a world leader in third-party coin certification, partnered with Stan Lee. So far, Stan Lee has signed a limited number of 1 oz. Gold Black Proof High relief Coins on the PCGS labels.

In a statement, PCGS co-founder and president of Collectors Universe, David Hall, stated that he was honored to work with the legendary Stan Lee. He also stated that Lee’s signature has made the coin more delightful.

Collaboration with Coin Invest Trust

The silver coins were produced through the use of smartminting© technology that was developed by Liechtenstein’s Coin Invest Trust. This technology strikes high relief on regular size coins. An advanced printing technology was used to in coloring. With this technology, the coin has a Spider-Man fantastic silver outlook.

The CEO of Coin Invest Trust indicated that integration of revolution pop culture and revolutionary technology are the perfect precursor to the creation of such a delightful artwork. He also appreciated the role played by Legendary Precious Metals for their collection of precious metal owners and comic book fans saying that they will be delighted for several years in the future.

U.S. Money Reserve in Brief

U.S. Money is a global leader in the distribution of U.S. and foreign government-issued platinum, silver, and gold legal tender products. Since its inception in 2001, the privately-held firm has grown to offer unmatched consumer services with the aim of establishing long-term relationships with its global consumers.

Today, thousands of people in the United States and across the world depend on U.S. Money Reserve to diversify their assets in the form of precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum.

Goettl Provides Tips to Save Money on Your AC

According to a recent article on thebrotalk.com Goettl can help you save money and energy with your cooling system. Summer time heat is no joke but lots of people don’t realize running the air all the time can be a huge drain on your wallet. They were able to give a few tips to help keep your home comfortable during the summer.

First, they said to make sure you get your AC unit maintenance regularly. Sometimes they need to be cleaned in order to work properly. Another smart way to maximize the cooling of your home is using a ceiling fan. It can work in tandem with your cooling system to move air through the house, reveals GlassDoor Reviews. It doesn’t cost you a lot to leave the fan on even when you aren’t going to be home. Turning the AC down or off when you’re not home is a good way to waste money so programming your AC to turn off at certain times is another tip they offered. Finally, they suggest you keep the unit out of the sun so it doesn’t have to work as hard.

Goettl’s Heating and Cooling take their jobs very seriously. They have a goal to be a trustworthy company and they make that goal by providing excellent service. Their mission is to provide the best service each time and keep their quality up at all times. The family started the company in 1926 and has a long history of hard and innovative work. In the eighties, two brothers formed the Goettl High Desert Mechanical company and continued that family mantra. Visit the Goettl Facebook page.




Congratulations Dr. Samadi: A New Chapter In His Legacy

Dr. David Samadi is a well known and highly respected health care provider. Previously, he has volunteered his time and expertise on the health segment of Fox News. His primary goal is to guide America to a healthy way of living and increase the quality life for thousands. His speciality lies in prostate cancer and the use of robotic surgery as a form of treatment.

Born in Iran, Samadi and his brother found themselves fleeing from the devastation that swept across the Middle East in the 1990s. Once safe, David was determined to continue his education. He attended several high schools, eventually graduating in New York. Immediately after finishing high school, Samadi attended university and earned a degree in biochemistry. He then continued to purse a career in medicine, completing the necessary education.

Currently, Dr. David Samadi is the head of the robotics department at Lenox Hospital located in New York City. In addition to his participation in the robotics department, he is notorious for his passion in urology. However, Samadi states that he prefers to spend his time with fewer patients and dedicate his efforts to researching cutting edge treatments for prostate cancer.

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In addition to all of his previous experience and qualifications, Dr. Samadi will be hosting a new television program on Fox News. The segment will be called,”Sunday Housecall with Dr. David Samadi.” The show will feature Samadi and other health care experts as they discuss interesting topics. These topics are expected to range from men’s and women’s health to diet and exercise. Viewers may call and email their questions during the broadcast. Either Dr. Samadi or one of the other healthcare professionals will answer their questions. The program will air at 12:30 pm on Fox. Individuals may also tune in on Facebook, Twitter, SamadiTv, and youtube.

The topics are sure to revolve around cutting edge studies and grounded in medical research. Each broadcast is aimed to increase the understanding of the topic matter for those that chose to engage with the program. Ultimately, Dr. Samadi hopes to increase the quality of life for all that he comes in contact with.

Jeremey Goldstein’s and his simplification for Employees’ Knockout Options

Business comes up with a lot of strategical approaches and features, and one of the very modern features is giving out your stocks to your employee at a better reasonable price which helps the company to save money and marketing. This approach also helps to offer many benefits to the workforce as well. Jeremey Goldstein wrote an article named There Is No Consensus, in this article he gave his analysis on all the factors and reasons that are being considered before implementing this approach on the workforce, and it also comes with a lot of challenges.



In this report, he explained a lot of drawbacks of implementing this approach, a lot of workers don’t opt for this, or even many employers didn’t suggest and gave these kinds of benefit to their employees, as it comes with a lot of challenges and reason which is explained below.



  1. Stock Value will get low.


The employees want better results and more outcome, from all the money they have put in, and if this option hinders to give employees the better stock, there is no point of even buying it. The stock options are confusing the employees, and they think that their revenue doesn’t balance the amount, from which they have purchased the stock, and so instead of buying it that they need to maintain their assets.



  1. Fluctuating value.


The other problem that leads to the not implementation of this business approach is inflation. The value of the company, it can decrease and increase with time, because many other features influencing this fluctuation, and for that, the value of the stock can be extremely low for the workers, making it useless for them to buy, it just like buying a casino token that won’t be even used.



  1. Maintaining Accounts


Sometimes it can be really tough to maintain an account, and it can multiply in value if you have to maintain stock option as well? The employee needs to be extremely experienced and expert to handle all the derivatives and cover all the maintenance costs, that won’t be recompensated if not managed properly. So, they prefer cash instead.



However, these challenges are not the sole reason that can affect the growth. If right strategies and expert people are used, the options and their costs can be ignored. And Jeremy believes that stock options have more benefits than it costs.



About Jeremy Goldstein



He has partnered with a boutique dealing with all problems one can expect from law firms in compensation and their management, and they are offering solutions to those problems. This boutique is named as Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, LLC.


Follow Jeremy Goldstein on twitter.


Vincent Parascandola of AXA Advisors Offers Valid Financial Advice

Searching for a financial advisor equates to seeking for professional help to navigate uncertain financial times. When an investor looks for a financial advisor, safety is what they are exercising in terms of ensuring that the unknown is evaded. The search is indicative of the desire to be in a better financial position compared to the present one. A good financial advisor understands that it is important to deliver the right results. An astute financial advisor has unmatched qualities in determining the future of an investment docket. Such qualities define Vincent Parascandola of AXA Advisors.


Vincent Parascandola is the vice president at AXA Advisors. He is in charge of the sales department, project management, retention of workers, the management of productivity and development. He is also in charge of developing new and experienced employees. Vincent boasts of a vast experience in financial management. In fact, he has been in the field for approximately 25 years. According to RocketReach, his career began at Prudential in 1987. He worked as a sales agent. It is during his service in this firm that he earned recognition as the year’s national rookie.


In 1990, Vincent worked for MONY Life Insurance. He was a manager at the regional office. Vincent the joined AXA Advisors. Initially, he was president of AXA Equitable, an affiliate of AXA. This division was established to attract senior financial professionals. Before joining the division, he worked as an assistant manager for AXA New York branch. Vincent handled about 400 financial professionals. This shows that he is a successful leader whose works have a positive impact on people’s lives.


As a leader, Parascandola has received numerous awards because of his excellent performance. The management awards have greatly contributed to the growth of his career. One of these awards is the GAMA’s Career Development. He was awarded on the basis of strategic leadership. Vincent is also a highly regarded speaker who does motivational speaking. He has done well in imparting sound advice to financial professionals that need help with growing their careers. At AXA Advisors, Vincent Parascandola is doing a great job as an advisor and leader. Most clients have given a positive review in regards to the company offering successful strategies in financial management.

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